Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nothing to Report on the Scale Today but Clean Clean Clean

Nothing to talk about band/scale wise today. I woke up I got on and nothing has really changed. I am however having a new ring crisis. I did not think my fingers could shrink any more but they sure have. I took them off to do some painting on Friday and then forgot to put them back on. Saturday afternoon when I pulled them out to put them back on one slipped off my finger, bounced off the floor and dropped right into a tiny crack in the door of my dishwasher (open at the time for filling).

I saw it go in and spent the next half our probing the little hole to get the thing out. David broke out his electronics board probes to poke around after I became frustrated. We finally buckled and found a funky shaped screwdriver to take the door apart. Thank goodness it only took two screws for the door to open up a crack and I found the stupid ring. I have jokingly given David a choice :)...I go in and spend more than 200 dollars to get my anniversary ring re-sized to a size 4.5 so it can be used to hold on my size 5.5 wedding rings. Alternatively he can find me a new ring small enough to hold them all on my finger :)

He has not given me an answer yet...

Today our real estate agent came and helped me do some shining up (she used skin so soft bath oil to shine up stainless steel and it works). We then took a bunch of pictures. I have to say that the staged pictures look better than my house does in real life :) I will put them up tomorrow (we uploaded them to the agent's computer but for us they are still on the camera).


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amandakiska said...

Sorry the scale's not working for you.

Good luck with the house sale!