Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Again-After More Shopping

This morning i had a sleep in. My hotel was quiet and I didn't get up until 10am. I then took a leisurely bath and packed up all of my stuff. I stashed it in storage, printed my boarding pass and took off for one last look at the wonderful city. I walked over to the Murrayhill area and had a look around for a British goods shop that I remembered (unsuccessfully) and then walked towards a knitting store I found the address for (no success there either). I finally walked down to the American Girl store to get a couple of Christmas presents for my daughter and grandson. Then I just wandered around stopping to look at whatever caught my fancy.

I tried on some boots at Aldo (I wasn't impressed with the fit, the quality, or the price for that quality). The boots that did fit me were all synthetic uppers and 180 dollars!! I found a pair of hand stitched and nailed leather ones for 350 yesterday in Soho (still TOO expensive but at least they were good quality). I looked around a another shoe store but didnt like them any better. I finally popped into Ann Taylor and tried on some clothes. There was a dress that fit me beautifully (size 14) but I don't really have anywhere to wear it. I then tried on size 14 and then size 12 slacks. Both were too big. I got a size 10 and they fit but I didn't like the color or the quality (they weren't as nice as the other pairs of too large slacks). I am still apparently bigger in my upper body than my lower by a full two sizes!

After all of the shopping I had lunch with my friends and then we both caught our taxis to the airport. The flight home was pretty empty but very long and tedious. I watched some TV. Had another Cheese plate and knitted a bit. My ankle is re-swollen and I am quite tired and need to go to bed. OH just so you know..the best room at the Herald Square hotel is room 508 ...Take note because the rest are really shabby and I got the swanky remodeled one.


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amandakiska said...

I'm glad you had a safe, fun trip! Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday. I appreciate the support.