Friday, October 1, 2010

Cruisin at 166 or so

I am still here. There was no change this morning either (a bit up actually but I ignore that)...get a mental picture of me with my fingers in my ears, my eyes closed and I am singing lalalalala.

I have a real problem with my clothes though. I have a fine wardrobe for summer but it is coming on fall and although I purchased three sweaters and gained two pairs of jeans from my daughter a couple of weeks ago I am still short when it comes to work wear. I am trying really hard to wear the summer skirts and blouses with ever changing sweaters on top. My daughter gave me two pairs of slacks but I do not like them (really wide legs that look stupid on me).

I am also wearing bras that have space for another boob. I can actually fit my whole hand in the dead air space (ok don't get a mental picture of that one). Thank goodness the bras are those foam formed ones that hold their shape whether empty or full. I am pretending I still have big boobs even though I do not.

I want to get to goal and do the whole new wardrobe at that weight much will two pounds change me? Should I just go for it? Waiting for a finish line sucks.



Lonicera said...

Won't make a difference to clothes - go go go!!!

In fact, I can't see how you're going to actually STOP losing weight after target - it may slow down, but you'll keep heading on down, so you may well end up buying even smaller clothes (is my envy showing? Oops!)

Bunny said...

i would go for it... i bet that will also be the way to shift those last couple of pounds... its sods law!!
you go for it hun! Enjoy

Yana said...

Wow! Good on you! You are inspiring Tina, I need to read back on your blog. Because I is stuck. Not on food, on numbers.

Anyway, about your clothes, I think you know two pounds won't make a bit of a difference! I would start with bras that fit properly. They do a world of good, and make everything else look better!

I've been doing the same thing, as my summer wardrobe is bigger than the winter one. Also I have almost no winter shoes. I'm wearing tights and sweaters...but I will have to figure out something soon!

Yana said...

Tina, I would love to see you when you are in NY! Maybe I can try to organize a blogger brunch then, if it is over a weekend. If not, then we'll do dinner or drinks one night. I don't work in Manhattan, but I will come in one evening. Send me an email to and we'll set it up! Yay!!

Yana said...

PS - That drink was an extremely untasty vodka gimlet made with Rose's lime juice and all sickly was supposed to be my pre-dinner cocktail, but it was never drunk! I am pretty good about not drinking with my meals. I drink right up to, then stop.