Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shopped Till I Dropped-

I took a little more Rest and Relaxation time today after a meeting downtown and went shopping at Marshals. I came to the realization that I like shopping at home more than I like shopping in the big bad city. It is great to see the designer stores and get an eye for what they have on display. It is also nifty to pick up and odd piece now and then from a ritzy boutique however..today I spent under 200 dollars at Marshals and got 3 pairs of slacks, one skirt, one sweater, on pair of boots and one pair of high heeled work shoes. TAKE THAT ALDO!!! :)

I am now set for quite some time in the wardrobe department. Thankfully I hit 166 again this morning so I am back down to my all time low and am planning on doing my best to stay here or go a little further down. Amazingly I am SOOO HUNGRY today. I am really sure now that my band has loosened up with these last couple of pounds. I will definitely need to call and make a teensy fill appointment to get these last few pounds off.

I have vowed (not so successfully today) to stick to real food. Tomorrow I will eat oatmeal for breakfast, meat and vegetable for lunch and dinner. The plan is to really pay attention to the calories in the food and 'bulk up' on things that are low in calories as much as I can with a band.

My real estate agent had a brokers open house today. It seems to have gone well and my house is clean clean clean (I love that about open-houses). She said in a text that we should be expecting an offer from someone soon (apparently she has talked to a broker who is planning on one). I hope she is correct and that the offer is a good one.

I promise to get the bundle of pictures I keep promising. Some of the delay is my fault and the rest is others who didn't sent me the pics they took :(



Annie said...

Welcome home, and great news about your all time low, and the great finds in Marshalls! Good luck this week, you can do it- you are an inspiration to those of us just starting out!

amandakiska said...

166!!!! That is AMAZING! I'd buy new clothes too!