Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday Tour, Sunday Ride

Yesterday David, Grace and I went with a friend (who is also a real estate agent) and looked at several properties around our area. We did find two potential beauties. I of course like one of them and David likes the other. We are currently discussing whether it is time to put our house back on the market and look towards moving again. We roamed around properties in the woods, with creeks, that need to be gutted and rebuilt, bare land and others that have gourmet kitchens and roaming chickens and donkeys.

My favorite is on a local 23 mile bike, horse and walking trail. We could walk right out our back gate and go right onto the trail. It is on three acres with two fenced corrals. It has a huge garage with space for two large motor homes, a smaller car plus four offices. The house is small and needs a bit of cosmetic work to make it to our taste but everything in it is well cared for and clean.

David's favorite is further away from David's work but has a nice 4 bedroom house on it. The house is newer with hardwood floors in most of it. The current owner is a chef and has a kitchen that reflects that. There is a smaller garage, a chicken coop, and a barn that currently houses two small donkeys. There are three fenced areas and some of the space in valleys and forest. The land and outbuildings on this place need a bit of work and the yard work I see facing me seems like it would take a lot of work.

I spent a long time last night trying to work out which one would be the right one and even what we needed to do to the house we are in to get it ready to put back on the market. So much so that I slept until 11am because i was up and down last night with acid reflux and over-active brain insomnia. I think the acid reflux was because I had a piece of toast with raspberry jam at 11pm...not such a good idea and I knew it at the time.

Today with my late wake up we missed our 11am appointment to go on a ride with some friends. We showed up 45 minutes late and rode down a local trail for about 19 miles all together. Grace held her own and I got tired about the same time she did. I decided that I am now as fit as a 9 year old :)...

I hope you all had a nice weekend! xxxooo


chicroses said...

The land that you like sounds better..are you going to have a horse for grace on the property? You should.
We are getting houses all around us now. We are going to be surrounded...we dont like it at all.Gosh Tina you weigh less than I do. I still try to eat WW but sometimes I mess up..we went to a tavern tonite and they talked us into having broaseted chicken..2 for 1...but we had a salad instead of frenchfries. Are you going to put a bid in on the place you like then try to sell your house? take care sally

THE DASH! said...

Far out. Wish I was as fit as my youngest. You did an amazing job with all that biking. But then, you always do.

amandakiska said...

Both options sound nice. Maybe put your house on the market and see what happens?