Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meanng of Life?

Read over at My Trek Downward posted and answered these questions yesterday. She asked us to to post what our answers would are mine.

1) What do you want? forget about goals for a moment - what do you REALLY want?

What I want changes from day to day and moment to moment. I really want a peaceful, fulfilling life with my family and friends. To me this involved a stimulating career balances with time to relax and enjoy my family and hobbies. I pretty much have that right now but it occasionally goes off kilter when I over commit myself to work or volunteer activities.

2) When you have the life you want, what will it look like, be like - what kind of feeling will you have around your life? joy? a sense of serenity? or confidence that you're ready for anything?

All or those feelings listed in the question.

3) How will you know - what will tell you when you have what you want in your life? Try to be as specific as possible.

I am almost there. I have the energy to get all of the things done in my day that I need to and have some leftover to do the things I want to. I guess if I truly had perfect balance between my work and home life I would have just a little bit more time for the things I want to do :) Like sewing, traveling and spending time with my family.

4) What impact will living the life you want have on other areas, for example, family or close friends, or where you might be living? With my added energy I have the time and focus to give to my family. I will be living in a new place (my house if for sale) with animals to care for and ready trail to maintain our family fitness.

5) What's preventing you from getting what you want?

I am my own worst enemy because I have all of these opportunities that are offered up. They include work commitments, volunteer opportunities and other time-wasters. I need to learn to say no even though the new thing sounds exciting, interesting or fun. I need to focus my energy on finishing what I have started.

6) What resources do you currently have - and what additional resources do you need to help get what you want?

I know what needs to be finished. I know how to make a check-list. I can have some restraint if I focus on it.

7) What steps can you take this week to help you move forward with your vision? I guess make a list of what I need to finish...and vow not to take on anything new (but I am going to New York and plan on going to a knitting store does that count?)

8) How will you acknowledge your progress? Taking time to celebrate what you accomplish along the way is a critical - and often neglected - factor in success. Building on a sense of achievement can help get you through the hard times. And nothing begets success like success!

I need to Check off my list of stuff to do as I accomplish it and set deadlines to complete my projects.

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Great answers!!!