Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Year Stats, Back-Slide, and NSV

Two Year Stats-

I went in for a very late two year check-in as part of the research study I am participating in at my surgeons office. My surgeon is apparently (according to the data collector) a real big wig in the Weight-loss surgery field. I knew he was good but I really didn't think of him as any other than my surgeon. Anyway I got a bit more information about the study and my progress so far.

The study is a longitudinal study that will compare the results of the four current surgeries and their effectiveness with patients (rny, sleeve, lapband and Duod. Switch). I am one of 400 patients in Oregon and there are three other centers participating. The surveys are logging my health improvements, my increased fitness, weightloss, as well as body fat, BMI and metabolism. They also took blood and urine for specific blood and kidney function changes.

Some of the high points were: 1. The 1/2 mile walk was nothing (it was pretty easy last time but this time I didn't even breathe heavy and my heart rate went back to normal in minutes. 2. My body fat is well within the research teams idea of normal. The not so good: 1. The downside is that I weighed in at 172.5 (even with clothes this doesn't make me very happy) 2. The rate that I burn calories is about 1500 a day (that seems really low to me). The data taker said that I had not lost an unreasonable amount of body mass (which is good I guess). My guess is I need to think about lifting weights or something so I can increase my metabolism?


The 172.5 is bugging the crud out of me. I ate really well today and have given up the coffee for two days in a row. I had tea both yesterday and today and will have another decaf tonight before I go to bed. I am really working hard at upping my water intake and limiting the snacking that I do. This feels like the first time I have ever moved back up the scales this far (I don't know if it really is but it does feel like it). Being so close to goal and sliding back more than I had left to lose annoys me to no end.


I parked on on the fifth floor of the parking garage today. I usually park on the third but I got in late and there were no spots so up to the fifth I went. I was dragging a bunch of books for my office and without a thought I picked my two bags up in each hand and walked down the stairs. I stopped for a rest at my works meeting space and then after repositioning my load and trekked down to my office (about 1/4 mile). On my way home this afternoon (and this is really the NSV bit) I didn't even think about the fact that I was going to climb 5 floors. I didn't even contemplate the elevator. I just climbed up the stairs flight after flight. When I got to the top I was barely breathing heavy. My legs did not hurt one bit!!

In class tonight one of my students pulled me aside to tell me I reminded her so much of an actress/comedian called Janeanne Garafolo. I did not know who Garafolo was at the time but I have seen her several times on Bill Mahr. I perched on the edge of a desk near this student and a translator that works with one of my other students. I told them both that I had recently lost quite a bit of weight and that my students used to tell me I looked like Kathy Bates from Misery. Now I never really felt bad about looking like Kathy Bates because I think she is super talented and looks good (way better than I did at my heaviest). The translator gasped and was horrified that someone would say that to me. She also said I looked nothing like her.

Kathy is on the right.

It feels really weird and wonderful to be compared to a super skinny actress instead of a beautiful larger sized actress. I still feel more like Kathy than Janeanne.


THE DASH! said...

I think whoever you look like you are beautiful - nothing wrong with either of those gorgeous actresses. Funny how people have different takes on different looks though, huh?

Dinnerland said...

Hang in there and you will get past the backslide!
My technique, which does seem to work, review your lap band rules, journal your food, and ick-- embrace hunger if you need to (just a bit.)
I know I have far less experience than you, except in the backslide dept, so I hope this helps!!

tessierose said...

You have accomplished so much, you are a model bandster! I have no doubt that you will embrace this challenge and get to your goal. Congrats on how far you've come and all of your victories, scale and non!

amandakiska said...

Your current weight is LOWER than my goal weight. Maybe not my eventual goal weight, but STILL! I remember not so long ago you talking about how your surgeon said you'd already achieving 90% of the health improvements you would achieve by losing more weight (and I'm pretty sure that was about 15 lbs. ago). And you look FABULOUS! I know you want more, but the reality is that you may have to decide if it is really worth the extra effort. Do you want to make MORE sacrifices and do MORE exercise? Or are you happy with where you are at? Just something to think about...

Lady Lap Band said...

You go stair walker!!! =) I've been taking them more often as well! After a while you don't even think to take the elevator. Stairs become 2nd nature.

Do you think you need a fill?


Tina said...

I don't need a fill right now but probably do when I drop below 170 again. This morning was 170.8.

I hear you Amanda-I might be there. I was going to give it one bit try and then reevaluate. This is very trying though and I am really close to calling it done.

Very interesting how people have different points of view when it comes to how people look. I do know that my interactions with people are much different than they used to be (as many on these blogs have said). Doors are held open for me, when I drop things men offer help, I get smiles etc. I do try to take it for the kindness intended and the culture against obesity we have fostered in the world (or at least the US).

Thanks for the advice on getting past a backslide It is basically what I am trying to do--except the hunger bit. I go off on benders of bad food when I let myself get too hungry. Really I think that is the reason I have had the backslide. Getting used to no eating on Tuesdays and Thursdays then eating candy and cookies to fill the void (not a good idea duh)