Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today Was Better-

I am feeling a bit better today about things. The scale has not changed but I managed to normalize my out of control eating. I only ordered a tall coffee this morning and chased it with 1/2c an oatmeal. Lunch was a single crisp chicken taco with black beans, cheese, sour cream and tomatoes. Dinner was another slice of french bread and 1 oz of cheese. I snuck in 5 candy corns. I drank two bottles of water.

This is much better than I have been doing and I feel pretty calm about it even though it is more than I usually eat. I do need a fill but am going to give it a couple of days so I can get myself down to the bottom end of this swing before I go in.

I am going in the morning for my two year research evaluation. It will be interesting to see what they bmi, weight, and heart rate data print out looks like.


THE DASH! said...

I will be interested to see how your 2 years pan out too :)

Lunch sounded rather yum... I LOVE cream cheese!

Yana said...

One day at a time, hon, one day at a time. I am looking forward to seeing you at the end of the month. Drop me an email at and we'll make plans.

Read said...

Good job on getting a feeling and being a bit more in control. It's always the first step that's the hardest!