Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rubber Band Man

I love that song...and I have chosen it because today's epiphany is that scale bounce is meaningful.

So last night after I got home from my oldest daughters dinner out I did have a candy snack and I got on the scale before I went to bed..It read 173 freaking pounds. Now I know it was the end of the day at all that but here is the thing. I couldn't eat dinner because I was still full from the darned chips I ate for lunch. Why you might ask? well it is because (I think)...I have regained all of the flipping weight I lost after my last fill and I am now back up to the same tightness I was just after that fill. Just like I said yesterday-the cycle of lesson relearning keeps on a-coming.

At 171-173 (where I was hanging before my last fill). I am tight. This restriction is even on the too tight side. Needless to say I was really annoyed that I sat down to dinner and could not eat anything. At one point I had to get up and take a walk just so I could get a burp or two through or would have had to go to the toilet. You see 4 hours after lunch I couldn't even handle ice water and I was trying to sip it.

at 166-170 I can ingest the world. Bread, snacks..etc.

but it is slightly more complicated than that. I have also learned in the last two years to be crafty...I can sneak in calories. A snack, liquid breakfast, soup, yogurt, etc. I also chew better, at slower and stop sooner. So this recipe adds up to a sort of rubber band like battle of calorie cut and calorie gain which then causes weight loss and gain.

It is always the complicated things that are easy to figure out hunh? I hope the sarcasm read through here. So my new revised game plan:

1. the coffee sitting next to me is my last large one. From here on out the morning coffee is turning to tea and a small one if there is a darned good reason and breakfast is not it.
2. I will eat breakfast lunch and dinner. It will be small and healthy with protein and vegetable.
3. Like Bunny I get candy at the end of the day (some dessert to keep me happy but small dessert).
4. Exercise? Something 3 days a week even if it is raining.
5. I did not make a fill appointment but I am for sure going to make one on Monday for exactly two weeks from now. Then I am going to do my darnedest to get back down to 166 and get my hiney in for fill so I can finish up the blasted fight to goal gig.

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Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

You know, it seems it is always a learning game. I know you will kick those lbs right in the tush!