Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weird Weird Weird

So lunch today was a beef stew that David cooked all night in the oven while we slept. As sometimes happens the beef did not agree and I got stuck. This beef was soft..super duper soft. I said to myself..OK so you are still tight from the Sunday problems and decided that I would have to have something else for dinner. At dinner time my nice next door neighbor brought over a pasta dish she made. It looked and smelled delicious!! Spaghetti, bacon, cheese, and onions. I drooled and tried a couple of bites to see how things went. All was well and I had a good 3/4 cup of it an hour later. beef at lunch but pasta at dinner? That is just not normal for me. Pasta was the first thing I had difficulty with. I have in fact avoided pasta for a very long time (I can have a bite or two but lets face it Pasta is not a dense protein and takes up space in my little old pouch). So my dinner as smooth as anything was a serving of pasta..OH my this was another food porn moment I'm telling you. stupid band is giving me mixed messages.

Tonight David and I made another plan/vow. With the weather cooling we have not been on our bikes nearly as much as we should. David and I both need some exercise in our lives. We are going to clear out the garage this weekend and set up our gym again. The plan is for us both (or all three) to get on our bikes from 6-7 Mon, Wed, and Friday. Hopefully we can get in a weekend ride if the weather is good as well. Perhaps this exercise will help both my appetite and my metabolism.


Lisa said...

This is my first time here and I just wanted to say that you look great! Wonderful job.

- Lisa

amandakiska said...

Love the garage gym idea.

Weird about the pasta!

Will you read my post from today. I'm interested in your perspective as I believe you;ve had a similar issue

Mary H. said...

I've been having trouble with chicken a little lately...where I didn't before! I hope that doesn't continue too much because it's my staple of life! LOL