Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crapity-I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

I did a bit of testing today and although I know that is not a good way to work this band thing I have learned that I really need a flipping fill. I will call tomorrow and see how soon I can get in. Goodness knows how many calories have gone down my gullet but it was plenty.

Tonight for example I had a good 1/2 cup of chicken pot pie quickly at 6pm. I was super hungry again 10 minutes ago (10 pm) and did an old style grab cheese in the fridge and slice a french bread placing cheese on top. I ate said bread and 3oz of cheese in rapid pace. (yes I just slammed bread!!!!)...I couldn't even do that after my first fill. Now I know bread is not off my list anymore and I know I chew better but puuleeasee...that bread went down really fast and I can feel it slipping through my band right now.

Apparently there is some major piece of stomach fat melting off under my band. i Don't remember such a big difference or obvious loosening in ages.



Alison said...

Is it wrong to be jealous that you managed to eat French bread?
It is isn't it?

Hope you sort out your fill soon.

Colls said...

MMMM, crusty bread! I hope you manage to get in soon for the fill. I really think it will help! <3