Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Am Tight..and Stuck

Tuesday means work day for me. My last one before leaving for New York. We are still out of tea at home so I did not get my morning drink and I avoided the urge to get a coffee when I hit campus. What this meant however is that I drank nothing (not good). In my office at 10am I cracked out some goldfish and sesame candies I had stashed for an emergency and ate them. Still no drink. At 1:30 I had a meeting so not lunch and no drink. Then I drove to my second job early to tutor some of my students before their midterm exam. Still no drink. I popped into the school cafeteria for food (because I was hungry) and picked up a small sandwich on a dinner roll plus what I thought was a brownie. I ate the sandwich. I ate part of what turned out to be a big old wedge of fudge.

That is when the trouble started. I don't think it is the fudge but I am stuck. I am sure it is the sandwich. The problem is that the fudge went in on top of the sandwich and it has to be removed before I can get down to the sandwich. I have been at this (painfully) for 30 minutes now. Running back and forth to the public bathroom.

arghghgh--any other day and that sandwich would have worked just fine.

Oh by the way..still no water. not having a good food/drink day.

Oh..im off..back to the toilet.

Ok Im back...I think this time did the trick. Apparently today Turkey, cheese and bread do not agree. I think I am going to go find water now.

update: I was correct..I did unstick whatever was stuck. When I went off to get a drink the darned machine was out of everything!! So I taught my class and then came home. I was hungry when I got home and David (he is getting so good and judging my serving size) had left me a bit of ravioli in the fridge (4 actually). I ate them and then tutored one of my students for an hour. Finally at 10:45 I am sitting down to my first drink of the day.

sheesh..I need to drink more.


THE DASH! said...

Oh bugger! I hate being that tight that everything you eat is a drama. Poor you. Hope it sorts soon.. fingers crossed for you!

Bunny said...

oh dear babe. These bands are fickle aren't they. I dont think i will ever work out why one day its all good, the next its like trying to push a camel through the eye of a needle.
Glad your unstuck now though hun.


Alison said...

Poor you, you've made my very thirsty now!

amandakiska said...

Ouch! So sorry for the stuck episode.

Have a great trip!