Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holy Cow

Today was a flash back in time and totally unexpected.

I did a sleep in because early morning rain woke me up and I laid in bed for an hour mentally fixing the house to go on the market and then nodded off again until 10am. When I got up Nichole and my grandson were over running around. We decided that on today's fix it list we would go to Ikea and get some cabinet fronts to swap out some of our damaged ones (a little accident with red fingernail polish and some water damage).

On the drive to Ikea I had some popcorn my daughter had packed in her bag (she is really good at making popcorn old style). I had my fill and then found that my entire family wanted lunch..but failed to tell me before I ate my popcorn breakfast. I forced them to walk around part of the store before we went (hoping the popcorn would pass through before I got to the meatballs). Now..I love Ikea meatballs and lingonberry jam...and I was pretty ticked that I was still not hungry by the time we got to the restaurant. I took Grant to find a table and they ordered their food. I nibbled on two meatballs off David's plate and had a bite or apple pie.

We returned to check out and I ended up in pain with something sharp shooting across my upper left side. I am assuming it was a lunch issue as after an hour of it coming and going I burped and the pain subsided. at 2:30 or so after we got home I dumped everyone at home and left by myself to stop and get David some Pickle (only available at a couple of places in town) and then go to Costco for some groceries. I decided a coffee might help me feel better. The pain returned and I did not manage to drink more than half of the coffee.

at 5pm I cooked some salmon, oven roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes, squash, tomatoes, and cucumber vinegar salad as we had some friends over. While cooking I had two bites of a couple of fresh tomatoes from my garden while I prepared the rest. At dinner (because i was afraid) I had a few sips of vodka and orange juice at 6pm when our friends came and drank it while we waited for the salmon to finish off in the oven. I put the rest of my drink away and decided that just the salmon would be safest following my problematic day. I had about 2 oz. The pain returned and I had to visit the bathroom several times expelling the salmon and the Orange juice. I really have no idea what triggered it but today has been pretty bad.

So from bottomless pit to extreme sensitive and tightness...I know my weight is up but I was hoping my good behavior over the last couple days would have stabilized my upswing. I feel fine now and have had two walkers shortbread biscuits and a cup of milky tea. They are sitting fine and it is very annoying that I can eat now that the company has gone.

...Did my band have stage fright? Did I screw it up with the popcorn? Am i just tight again? I have no flipping Idea!!!

Tomorrow is a soup day I think.

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Bunny said...

Yeah, i cannot eat popcorn at any time. Even without my band I foudn popcorn really scratchy. It only takes one of those kernel coverings to go the wrong way and cut you a little bit to get som swelling. I think the fluids will be a good idea for a few days just to let stuff chill out a bit in there, maybe thats why you are havign pribs today too. Probably one of the shucks covered your stoma a little bit and everything backed up. That sux, cos ikea meatballs are yum yum yum! and salmon too lol.

Looking forward to hearing how ya get one babes.