Friday, October 8, 2010

Me or the Band?

I am sure this topic has come up before on my blog. I am sure it will come up again. I wish it was a lesson I could learn but I really think this weightloss thing happens in a spiral where I learn the same lessons over and over again only a little better or a little bit differently. I wish we were not such creatures of habit but despite my life goal of thinking that I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl deep down I don't really think I am and I crave habits just as much as the next guy.

OK..that was a nonesense filled sentence. Maybe I can lay it out more clearly...

I am not losing weight. I have developed some habits that are not helping me. I even had an out-loud conversation with myself about it in the car this morning. I have become a snacker. I am sure it is my body fighting back at the weightloss that the band has created. The snacking, however, is not helping me at all.

Yesterday that slammed me up in the face when I actually had a day where I did not snack. Lets face is easier to grab a drink here a bite there an stay satisfied. It is much more difficult to sit down and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then walk away from food until the next meal. first of all avoiding snacks eliminates a heck of a lot of fun foods. It also is easier..I can scarf a bit of anything but facing a meal of that is more difficult.

I have attempted to do the same again today. Breakfast was a coffee (yes I am avoiding the fact that I am ingesting liquid calories still and will continue to do so for the near future!!). mid-morning snack was a glass of water and 3/4 of a piece of pumpkin bread. I had lunch (10 tortilla chips, cheese and refried beans) at 2:00pm and now at 4:30 just had a scoop of candy corn. I am going to have dinner out for my oldest daughters birthday where I will have water and probably a piece of fish and two french fries(unless they have a good soup on the menu). I will probably come home and have another snack of some sort at 9pm. snack snack snack...I need to put a stop to it I think. I might..gulp...actually have to start doing a bit of a diet here near the end of this road.


THE DASH! said...

You know what? I think we are all doing what you do. I rarely ever have a sit down meal now, its just too laborious a job. I find small amounts of anything are so much better. Dont feel bad doing it this way. Yeah: maybe it isnt helping us lose any more weight but now we have this band, we have to do what suits us. If this is the way it has to be to get through the day and make life a little easier, then so be it.
Have a great weekend, sunshine xx

Lonicera said...

How about a fill? If as you say your stomach is losing fat, then no wonder you can eat bread and cheese... It's bound to slow right down anyway, just hang on in there.