Sunday, October 24, 2010

100!! and New York!

While running around New York (and running myself ragged) I have just found that after dropping back to 97 followers a few days ago that three lovely new people decided to follow me today. Thank you!! I have not been an active acquirer of followers or a friend adder for that matter. I like the small town atmosphere that my blog has maintained for a long time now (Dont get me wrong I love it that 100 was on my screen today) but I have been in no hurry to acquire super-quantities of followers because I feel duty bound to follow them back. I may not pop on your blog every day and there are a whole lot of you who do not have blogs (at least that I can find) but I appreciate your presence nonetheless.

I am still here in New York and having an excellent time. After a night on the town last night (and yes I can still hold my liquor and I tested that to the max). I had a wonderful time chatting with my research friends and over the course of the evening drinking-two vodka and Orange Juices, three glasses of wine and two Baily's Irish Cream. I am even shaking my head with hmm disappointment in myself when viewing this list :) It was fun but there were consequences. I went to bed around 1-2am and had to be up at 7:30. In the middle of the night some group of youths outside my window and down in to the alley were loud. This left me with a third night of about 4-5 hours sleep. I woke up very dizzy (either hangover or still drunk!) I dashed out to meet my colleague/friend to head off to the third day of the conference and all I could think about was getting a coffee IV in quick. I found Starbucks and broke the no coffee for breakfast rule that easy. I promise I will go back to tea but I needed my peppermint mocha. The lack of sleep and running around on my feet all day has caused my ankles and especially my left one to swell up to the size of an orange. It is super annoying because I cannot really go try on boots with my leg and ankle all swollen up.

I went to the morning sessions but was so tired I had trouble focusing. Before lunch I cut out of the last session to take the son of a friend down to a sporting goods store for some American tennis shoes. They are from Ireland and the shoes just do not come big enough for the boy there. He had no problem in New York.

We had a final socializing lunch with fellow conference goers and then I went with the daughter of another of my friends (also at the conference) to Soho for some shopping. I got a really cool dress and Desigual. and a slim fitting long-sleeved ribbed top at Anthropologie. I also picked up a pair of dark green tights that go with the dress.

my food intake has been hit and miss and up and down. I have tried to stick to safe foods but have taken the occasional risk. I have eaten dessert (but not right after a meal!!). My pattern has been to skip breakfast for a cup of tea. At around 10 ish I had a small cookie or sandwich (had a mozzarella and tomato mini sandwich ). For lunch a crowd of us went to a small grocery style lunch. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. I at 2/3rds of it. and it got stuck. Not comfortable or fun in the middle of a conference session. This one was on wheat bread and I seem to have trouble with it-oh and maybe forgetting to chew as I yammer on with my friends. Now you might be she got sick on her lunch and went out to drink anyway? Well my response was well yes...yes I did. I had soup for dinner and had little trouble sipping down the drinks over about 5 hours.

All in all my trip has been good fun. I have picked up a few clothes and I am good with that. I have all the time in the world to find the right clothes to fit this long term body.


THE DASH! said...

Boy you're lucky to travel as often as you do.. I would love to to NYC.. do you have a big suitcase? I could probably fit in it now lol. Enjoy hon. Lovely.

THE DASH! said...

Meant to add: CONGRATS on reaching 100 followers. Its wonderful!

Jacquie said...

There is no place like NYC in the spring or fall! Christmas time too is a favorite time for me to visit there. For years and years, I would take my girls in for their picture in front of the Rockafella Center tree for your annual Christmas card!

Glad you enjoyed your trip and got to have lunch with Catherine! let me know when you come to Florida!

Lonicera said...

You made me laugh about the bed bugs - until I read our Sunday newspaper which had a long article about The Problem of Bedbugs in NYC!! I had no idea. I don't think I'd sleep for thinking about them crawling on me...
Sounds like you've had a good time, and with all that walking and getting stuck, you'll probably have made your target.

amandakiska said...

Sounds like you're having fun! Enjoy!