Monday, October 11, 2010

When Feeling Frustrated Go Make a Spreadsheet

While cleaning out my sewing room tonight I found a copy of a weight and fill chart that my surgeon gave me a while back. I put this added information into a spreadsheet I started a few months ago. I also added my latest information. In the beginning I did not keep track of my weightloss on any sort of chart. After about 6 months I discovered the weightloss ticker online and it really helped me keep track of things. Now every day I log the days on my ticker when I lose and skip logging on bounce days where I go back up on the scale or stay the same. I transferred all of the information from both places onto a spread sheet. I have a couple columns logging the daily changes and then because that list is hideously long I transformed it into a month overview chart. I took the lowest weight during the month and then show the pounds lost in the third column. Tonight I battled with a graph and got one to look reasonably good as well.

I am gong to try and attach them (OK I cannot get the chart to work). This 135 pounds took a lonnnnnnng time to come off the but chart really looks good.

Monthly dates Weight loss
August-07 304 weighed
August-08 298 weighed 6 lost Surgery date
September-08 287 weighed 11 lost Fill 9/29/08
October-08 284 weighed 3 lost Fill 10/28/08
November-08 281 weighed 3 lost
December-08 277 weighed 4 lost Fills 12/2/08 and 12/15/08
January-09 270 weighed 7 lost
February-09 265 weighed 5 lost Fill 2/28/09
March-09 259 weighed 6 lost Fill 3/31/09
April-09 253 weighed 6 lost Port Revision 4/30/09
May-09 250 weighed 3 lost Fill 5/18/09
June-09 243 weighed 7 lost
July-09 237 weighed 6 lost
August-09 226 weighed 11 lost Fill 8/20/09
September-09 221 weighed 5 lost
October-09 219 weighed 2 lost
November-09 213 weighed 6 lost Fill 11/3/09
December-09 205 weighed 8 lost
January-10 199 weighed 6 lost Fill 1/5/10
February-10 199 weighed 0 lost Fill 2/18/10
March-10 194 weighed 5 lost Fill 3/16/10
April-10 189 weighed 5 lost
May-10 184 weighed 5 lost Fill 5/17/10
June-10 179 weighed 5 lost
July-10 174 weighed 5 lost
August-10 168 weighed 6 lost
September-10 166 weighed 2 lost Fill 09/10/10
October-10 166 weighed 0 lost


THE DASH! said...

Sometimes we just need reminders, huh. Nice digging :)

CeeJay said...

It's hard to keep the big picture in mind, especially when the losses come in small steps. But what an awesome testament to what patience and perseverance will give you. Awesome!