Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arghghghg :)

Still in a holding pattern here. It is weird really but I have been through this dry zone before and no matter how many iterations of it I still get frustrated. The scale has bumped up to 170 again and it is driving me crazy. I am trying to peg my attitude on the following:

1. David says the scale is not working right
2. My clothes are getting looser
3. my skin is noticeably saggier
4. My bones are noticeably more prominent
5. Most of the signs that I have a good fill are in place
6. I have not yet off loaded my monthly water gain (I think)

Driving my crazy:

1. The scale is staying up
2. I have been hungry
3. The scale is staying up..oh did I already say that?
4. I have been craving sweets like crazy

I do not know what the deal is and I am sure this pattern has happened before. I know this whole band and weightloss journey has been filled with cycles of the scale is moving and i am happy or the scale is not moving and I am frustrated. I wonder that if a large part of this game is that the band helps us get through the not moving frustrated parts without going off the wagon. I know I would have done it sooo many times by now without it.


Colls said...

The band is def helping us during these times! I had a couple of rough months and in the end I didn't really gain, just stalled. Once I am in that place, I take a look at where I am with the band and see if I can tweak it just the tiniest bit. Do you think that maybe you could get a .25 fill? I know you said you think you are in a good spot, but then in the next bullets you said you were hungry... <3

amandakiska said...

My first thought is that it is hormonal, but I guess I dobn't know how long it has been going on. Usually when I have lots of cravings and weight gain despite no eating changes, that's the issue for me. If it has been like this for awhile perhaps you do need a little fill, especially if your hunger is an issue.

Lady Lap Band said...

Yeah maybe you should get a fill what to you think???

Thanks for the congrats on the 5lbs! I'm not surprised that people treat me differently now either it just urks me sometimes. I have to learn to let it go and try and enjoy like you said - thank!!

Talk to you soon!