Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nothing New Today

No news today....So close but the scale is being a pain in the rear. I got on and weighed in 161.7 once and then twice at 170..I swear my old scale is just messing with my head now. Removing my kiss offer for sure.

I am eating the same. I am not hugely hungry but soft stuff like yogurt and gelato goes down quite smoothly and easily (yes I went out for gelato and it was good). I have been running around so much for work that I have yet to figure out a steady meal plan. I have eaten a lot of cheese and crackers or 1/2 cheese sandwiches because they are safe foods for me and I can eat them while driving or fitting in a quick meal before teaching.

On a good note when I teach I carry a water bottle so I am getting in more water than usual. I am also walking all over my two campuses ...basically with the good there is bad or with the bad there is good.

No TOM yet (not sure if that is a midlife deal or I have just forgotten when I am supposed to have it). My daughter and I keep checking in because of course we are synced up. Maybe thats it..our bodies have gone into wait for each other mode?? :)



THE DASH! said...

Im so sorry about the skype thing. I totally missed that message until yesterday - I was like.. noooooo.. not that I could right now anyway, no comp camera... ack but it was such a great thought. Maybe another time?
Bloody scale is doing your head in huh, join the club. Yay on more water, yay on your food, you're doing great!

Gen said...

I'm having scale problems 8 lb swings in 2 seconds....good job with the food and water!