Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sweet 100 Award

1. Thanks to Cara at The Dash for giving me this sweet award! It is better than cake or candy :) of course While I was typing Debi at Hawaii Bound Bandster also nominated me for the award (wow a double whammy).

2. Now 10 things I love:

1. The energy losing weight has helped me find.
2. My family
3. My friends
4. My new jobs!
5. My swanky new office (I built new bookshelves today and sat at my desk..there is a door and everything!!)
6. My bike
8. Shopping
9. Traveling
10 Knitting

3. Ten of my favorite blogs (but i am going to list in order the most recent 10 people who commented on my posts)....I follow those who comment. Although I use this blog gig to as a reflective journal of sorts, I do love to hear what people think. I love to get advice, just a 'hi how are you doing' and even a 'you are full of crap' every now and again. order: know who you are and you do not have a blog but you basically commented in person tonight at the school party.

Caroline at Lonicera's LapBand and Other Stories. I love it that you leave comments and I totally love your blog-filled with your life, photos and the band.

Debi at the Hawaii Bound Bandster Ok she nominated me for the award too but I am listing the commenters in order and she earned her spot :). Debi's blog is bright and summery. She talks band and life and occasionally shows us her beautiful paintings.

Colleen at This Time I mean It. She lives in New York and is working her band steadily (Down 60 pounds!!). She has also chimed in to meet up with me/organize something while I am in New York in October.

Stephanie at A New Me I just started watching her blog. She is on working the sometimes long and frustrating job of getting approved. She can use lots of support from Old-lapbanders and new.

Cara at The Dash-yup she also

nominated me for the award-She is my pal in Perth..We swap pictures as we pass by each other seasonally-When I was headed into Spring she was headed to Fall...and so forth. My favorite season is on her side of the earth now :)....I need pictures!!

The Draz....We all know her. We all Love her. She is the queen party host in blogland.

Nola She takes cute pics of her doggies. She manages a Candy/ice cream shop!! She lives in Tazmania and she tells the greatest stories in her blogs. And she is working like all of us to work the band.

Miss Vickie at the Queen Bee's Lapband Life
I just found her but she is a great commenter :) and she is rocking her band!

Tessie Rose at Band Me BabyTessie Rose is an excellent commenter! She also has a coolarific profile picture. I love the looking over her glasses all knowing look about the picture. Tessie Rose is an excellent poster who always includes great pictures in all of her posts.

And additionally-Amanda at Amanda's Waning. Amanda is a fellow Oregonian and a fellow bike-rider. She is rocking her band and writes really thought provoking posts.


THE DASH! said...

Hi doll,
I read your post yesterday just before dashing out the door, and thankfully you posted again today. Thanks for the award, you're a star lol. Thankfully I have done mine already, so I won't be doubling up haha.. putting in those links is a pain in the butt.
Have a lovely weekend, and I will be sure to send you some more pics once spring has properly sprung. Mwah.

Lonicera said...

Thanks Tina!! Nice comment, much appreciated. I'd better put MY thinking cap on now...

Colls said...

Awe! Thanks for the award! <3

tessierose said...

How sweet! Thank you, I love your blog and your experience has been so helpful to me!