Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our Own LIttle Mini-Boobs Event

David and Grace and I drove down to Eugene today and meet up with Amanda and her youngest daughter and Debi and her husband. We had a great lunch and talked band, work, travel. We also sent a collective thought and mention to all of those in Chicago and all who like us could not go.

Both of the ladies look GREAT!!! and are very nice and friendly and fun to hang out with for a day. As usual I left without my camera and David's cell phone snap is unviewable. Both Amanda and Debi have promised me a copy of theirs...I will add it when I hear from them.

After lunch we cruised around a new antique store (we missed it a few weeks ago when we were there) and went back to a mid-century antique store. We then went to the most really amazing bakery in Eugene (Amanda if you haven't gone you should!) It is called Barry's Espresso, Bakery and Deli. We stopped for a little sweet snack but they also had 6 different soups on the menu, salads, quiches. Every thing I tasted (and I sampled my own choice as well as Graces and David's brought on another one of those food pornographic experiences. I am grateful that there is a bit of a distance between me and this bakery and I would be darkening their door way too often.

All in all a great day.



Lap Band Gal said...

So bummed that I missed the mini Oregon bandster meet-up... Sounds like you had fun! So jealous!

amandakiska said...

It was so cool meeting you! Please give me more information about the bakery. Is it is Springfield?

On second thought, maybe I don't need to know ~ lol!

Debi said...

Walt and I had such a good time at lunch Sunday! And it was really great that Walt had someone to talk to as well!!

I am so glad that you, David and Grace made the trip to Eugene, to have lunch with Amanda Walt and I. Amanda and I were both, so excited to see you walk in!!! I bet you could see it in our faces!!

I just wish that everyone didn't have to go so soon, but of course we did, and we did understand, as we also needed to get back "on the road".

I'm really sorry that I didn't get to say goodbye properly though!!

I got separated from you while walking out, so I decided that I better step into the bathroom before I realized too late that I still needed to go, AFTER we had all the gear back on! LOL

I only wish that Grace had gotten into the picture with us as well!! Amanda's daughter did, so it would have been fun to have them both part of it!!

PS) I'm totally EMBARRASSED. After I had to spit up some of my drink into my napkin, and I told you that my throat has been super sensitive since my Deviated Septum Surgery!!

What I meant to say, was that my throat is SUPER sensitive, since my Spinal Surgery in the Neck. I had to have my C4-5 Discs Fused back in 1998.

And ever since then, just swallowing my own spit wrong, can make me start choking!! It is so Annoying!

Lady Lap Band said...

Glad you had such a great time!!! =)

Thanks for the congrats on the new pant size!! It is SUCH a pain to carry weight in the middle, you are so right! I guess we will be the buttless bloggers together lol.

I'm glad to hear I am not alone on the 2 week lag after the fills! I hear you, my restriction is so unpredictable too. I wonder if it gets any better once you hit goal? We will see!

Do you have any fills scheduled for the future?

Talk to you soon!


Lady Lap Band said...

Oh my gosh I can't believe you are so close to goal! I'm super siked for you and super jealous all at the same time it's such an odd emotion hahahaha!!!! You go girl!!! How long has it take you to reach this point?

I think you are right everything shrinks but the proportions stay the same haha. O well!