Friday, September 3, 2010


1. In the spirit of back to school time - what is your favorite school supply?

Well...I love school supplies too...I love all things supply-ee. Personally my big purchases this year were calendars (one for my purse, one for my fridge and a project book to take notes in during meetings)...I also bought some colored sharpies. Usually I woulds say engineering graph paper is my fave but I am on an organization kick at the moment (math geek=graph paper :))

2. Assume your house is on fire and the whole thing is going to burn to the ground and your loved ones are out and safe….and you have a few minutes to grab 5 things. Just five. What would they be?

1. my pictures of when the girls were young
2. our passports, birth certificates etc.
3. The server (all of our digital stuff is stored here)
4. nope only three things....the rest is replaceable.

3. In the spirit of my new found love on vacation – what is your favorite drink – alcoholic or not?

Vodka Mojito..hopefully from the McMinnamins.

4. When is your birthday (if you want to say, no year needed) and what is your Zodiac sign. Does your sign match your personality?

Valentines day is my birthday :) I would say for husbands it is the toughest birthday to have...all that expectation rolled up in one holiday birthday :)

Aquarius women are androgynous in nature with well-balanced male and female energy-sounds good to not a girly girl thats for sure.. Their highest value is friendship, not love. So don’t get confused if you are deep in courtship and she’s still referring to you as her best friend. Yup friendship is more important.

It is important to realize how loyal Aquarius women are because it is not immediately obvious. She may not be with you very much, but her affections are steadfast and you are always on her mind (don’t expect her to tell you that)I agree. The best way to fall in love is through a mental connection where you appreciate her mind and share a vision for the future.for sure She is not interested in dwelling on the past or even the presentOk I disagree with this one. We de value history and only have to look to the past to figure out what we are doing today. Aquatian women have a knack for turning romance into friendship, and you will find that she is inclined to keep you at arm’s length though you are very special to her. I don't know about this one...sure the friendship thing is a good idea but I don't think my ex husband would call me his friend.

Aquarius women need to work around electrical equipment, on the Internet, or with something futuristic. In general, they have little interest in the past or any kind of emotional or heart connection.Horse pucky..I use technology but I am a teacher and history and emotional connections are what doing that is all aobut. They prefer to work with concepts or at arm’s length through a cool medium such as e-mail, text messaging, radio, or cell phones. There is not an Aquarian woman in the world who wants to be told what to do. I hate teaching online not true.If she makes the mistake of working for someone, she has to be handled with kid gloves to avoid rousing her rebellious side.Ok totally true..if someone tells me I have to do something I usually do the oppotiste Be prepared for some eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. She can make a brilliant contribution if allowed to do work her own way. A female Aquarian boss is likely to be absent a large portion of the time, either mentally or physically. She will want to deal with you in an abstract way and may prefer to leave instructions on your desk or your cell phone rather than give them to you in person. The best use of Aquarian energy in the workplace is harmonizing groups. Aquarius women are happiest when they have space to be an individual in a group of strong equals.I like collaborating but not sure if I would rather leave a note or email.

Aquarians channel higher truth. They link the present to the future. Their best spiritual approach is to be an open channel for higher vibrations. They are dedicated to the advancement of the species and serve all intelligent life forms. Highly developed Aquarius women have the ability to not just meditate but be meditated. Creative visualization and time travel may prove very enlightening. I am a no religiosity here.

The mad scientist is Aquarius energy out of control. An Aquarius woman gone bad is the creator who rejects her own creations as imperfect and ugly because she lives in a fragile world of ideals. Dedicated to the cause of humanity in general, she can be completely oblivious to the people around her and may be impossible to get along with. Aquarius females can ignore the plight of their own husband and children to serve a “higher” cause. Their need to be shocking can be disruptive and serve no purpose. Ok maybe this one hits a little too close to the truth...but i am working on it

5. A little spin on my repeat question. I usually ask which blog or comment stuck with you and why? You can answer that as usual or how about just giving a summary of your week or how you feel about blogland this past week or anything you noticed…does that make sense?

I have not been a good reader this week-I have done some drive by reading but I have a lot of deadlines at work and took my little weekend away. The Jack Sh*t Getting fit was my highlight post as I am struggling with what maintenance will be and whether I am in it or not.

My difficulty this week is heading in for my two year check up and wondering if I need a fill. I slammed a muffin today and have been on a sugar crazed fest all week. My restriction has gone away but when I was on my bike I had trouble swallowing water...makes no freaking sense.

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