Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alzheimers or Old Brain?

Do you ever feel like you are writing the same stuff over and over on here? I think yesterday's post was a repeat of several before it. I have serious concerns about my memory.

-band news-I FORGOT (yes this is a trend for me) to weigh myself until I was dressed. Tomorrow is another day.


Janelle said...

I forget to weigh before dressing a lot, too.. then I am too lazy to get undressed lol. So it happens to us all! I have always had a horrible memory :(

amandakiska said...

I feel like I repeat myself a lot in my blog too, but I am constantly adding new followers, many of whom are new to the process so I figure if it is repeated information, it may be new to them.

But really after a while there isn't a whole lot new to talk about, which is actually a good thing!

At least we'll have a GREAT topic on Monday!

Lady Lap Band said...

haha I feel like that everytime. especially when no one really comments, then I feel like I've just repeated myself and no one cares lol.

tessierose said...

I can't remember previous posts, so it's all good!

Lonicera said...

No, I'm feeling the opposite at the moment. I "owe" a post, it's time, and I've got a series all written up, but it's been such a busy week that I haven't had time to hunt around among my mother's photos for some I'm looking for. The little blog is easy, as I have a few stored up and just cut and paste a small entry every day, but my main one deserves more time and care.