Saturday, September 4, 2010

New York Tickets Purchased-Hotel Reservations Made

Does anyone in New York want to meet for lunch, Dinner, coffee or a late night drink? I'm in town from Thursday Oct. 21-Mon. Oct. 25.

My plans for this trip are:

1. Do the conference thing
2. Do the socializing with conference colleagues thing
3. Meet a few New York banders
4. Buy my goal weight wrap dress
5. shop some knitting stores
6. buy some more small (well small for me) clothes
7. Enjoy the wonderful city of New York
8. Walk my arse off.


Colls said...

Hey Tina! I think I can make it! I was thinking September, not October. So anytime works for me. We can definitely get the NYC girls together for a brunch or something! <3

Stephanie F. said...

Hope you have fun and get to meet some of our NY ladies!!

THE DASH! said...

Gave you an award darl. And yes: we MUST do some more piccie swaps. xx