Monday, September 20, 2010

Down Again but Hungry Today

I dropped another couple of pounds today. I wish the scale would do this everyday! I am doing a grandma babysit while my daughter is off on her first work and class day for the term. I still have a bit of prep work for the class I teach tomorrow night and have been doing that on my computer while my grandson makes a mess :)..he likes to dump out boxes in whatever form they arrive in. So far it has been Grace's shoe bin, her horse play set and his toy box.

I am having one snack after another this morning. I think not having my morning coffee has thrown me off. thus far I have had one choban Peach Yogurt, an ounce of mozzerella cheese, another ounce of cheddar cheese and two crackers. All of these have been chased by huge yawns on my part.


Dinnerland said...

Good work with the band-- you're a constant source of support in our 'community' and I really appreciate it... :-)

tessierose said...

I'm having a hungry day today too, but no downward movement as of late!

Debi said...

At least you are eating good for you treats. And you are still losing!!

See you Sunday!