Wednesday, September 22, 2010

And The Bounce and other Crappy Crap

It happened-I saw the signs so I am not surprised. A big drop followed by a super hungry day. Today I up-bounced to 169. my restriction has slipped a bit. I scarfed down another vente coffee yesterday first thing in the morning without a problem. My TOM is coming up though and I usually get a good tighten for a week or so and am hoping that I can ride this fill home to goal. If not...another tiny fill will be needed I think.

My schedule this term is to babysit my grandson on Monday and Wednesday and then work at both of my jobs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I left at 7:55am yesterday and got home at 8:40 last night. My only rough spot was that I got hungry while I was working in the tutoring lab. I am going to have to work out how to fit dinner in before I get into work. I also teach on Saturday. Friday and Sunday are my days off. Except of course when my boss schedules Friday meetings :)...yup..this week directly following an eye exam.

On the days when I work I love my job. I love that half of it is trying to figure out how best to collect data and analyze it and that the other half is teaching. Last night was teaching 30 future elementary school teachers and hopefully inspiring them to do a great job and guide their students to the exciting subject that math can be.

Ok speaking of eye exams-I have had the worst time with my vision over the last two years. Now I am getting old so I probably has nothing to do with losing all of this fat there anyone out there who has had trouble getting glasses they can both see at a distance with and read and see in the dark with? I already have bifocals but they are just not doing the job. When I read I have to take my glasses off but then I have astigmatism and the words go all wonky. When it is dark (even dim) I cannot recognize my colleagues at work in a hallway 20 feet away. It is very annoying. This will be my second eye exam this year and I am going to a new optometrist. He is in his 50's so I am hoping he will be able to have some insight that my previous young one did not have.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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Gen said...

Hi Tina - Don't sweat the bounce. I am always bouncing and I try to ignore it! I have contacts and mercifully do not have reading glasses yet, so no help there, but I understand there are contacts to correct both near and far sightedness?