Monday, September 13, 2010

Plugging Away

I spent the weekend continuing my quest to organize things. I am diligently keeping up on my new calendar regime. Cleaning house and doing laundry on the weekend and planning our meals for the week. None of it is perfectly accomplished but baby steps are baby steps.

My weightloss is tipping downward again. This morning I hit 173 again (hooray). I was 175 on the doctors office scale. This was all up from last month at this time when I hit an all time low of 171. As usual and going against the opinion of most other bloggers I follow, when I wonder if I need a fill or not I find out that yes I definitely needed one.

I can tell I have had a fill. The food moves through my stoma at a much slower rate than it did before. I was back up to having the ability to eat more than 1/2 sandwich before the fill (always my test marker and I let it slide this time). Now I am back down to 1/2 a sandwich minus a crust. I am good with drinking a milky coffee (12 oz) for breakfast and I do not go looking for food until well after noon.

My last fill before this one was May...that is one long run and I probably should have gone in when I hit 171 a month ago.


THE DASH! said...

Wow don't we feel the difference when a new fill goes in? That is such an awesome loss Tina.. down to the low 170's - I'm excited for you. :) 171 is just around the corner again - believe it!

The Banded Lady said...

When you get a chance my gal - I nominated you for an award over at my place. (

Thanks for your support and your wonderful blog. You are amazing!