Saturday, September 25, 2010

3.5 Pounds Left

The band saline fairy did indeed provide me with enough to take off yet another pound this week. That leaves just 3.5 measly pounds to go. It is amazing that I get much more excited now about every ounce. I imagine that I had better because this end of the road slog is probably going to be a long one.

I woke up petrified this morning with a stomach ache. I think it was too much snacking at BUNCO (I go play with several of my neighbors). I laid there in bed with my stomach poking sharply at me and started going through all of the devastating scenarios that could be occurring...a slip, my band cutting through my stomach wall etc. The my mind wandered to what that would mean to my weightloss. I did decide then and there that I would beg for and pay whatever it took to get a revision (probably a sleeve) so that I did not have to live life as before band. I did for a bit calculate whether I thought I could keep it off on my own...I don't really think I could.

I got up..had some water and the pain went away. I have had more water and will go off and get my morning coffee (I could probably buy a small piece of furniture with the money I have provided Starbucks this year). I guess I should buy stock as I am single-handedly keeping them successful.

Well I am off-I have a math class to teach this morning (hence no BOOBS for me).



Sandy Lee said...

So close! Hope the pain goes soon. We miss all you guys. Weather is good and we are resting between all the activities.

Lonicera said...

Wow Tina - is it time for another picture maybe?????????? How wise to know instinctively that without the band things would eventually slip back to the beginning. I think most people feel confident at first that having reached nirvana they will never let it go again, but realise in time that old habits die (very) hard.