Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holy Moly Who Sent the Tight Band Fairy

I am tight tonight-I am assuming that the PMS fairy came and sprinkled saline dust on my band. I can feel the thing gripping my poor stomach with each bite of food.
While the PMS fairy sprinkled and tightened up my band she also left me my own personal appetite monster I think because I have had ginormous cravings for chocolate (sadly I just bought two bags of candy for my math class and they contain said chocolate). I have had a fair number of the delicious and beastly mini candies today along with 2 ounces of cheese, a venti peppermint mocha (i was fine this morning) and 5 tortilla chips. OH and 5 raw Spanish Peanuts.

OK..speaking of peanuts...what the heck are those raw Spanish peanut things anwway..they tasted green..not salty peanutty at all. lest I am not so hungry or starved as to even like a raw peanut :).

Hopefully the PMS fairy will allow me some weightloss in exchange for my tight band.

Oh by the way again...part of the other reason I was super irritated when I posted about my memory issues was that I have lost my cell phone and the textbook I need to teach out of on Saturday. I am feeling a little better because at least I found the textbook this afternoon. Still no cell phone though.

I will keep you posted on when I lose other stuff...and if you hear conspiracy theory creeping in. I was blaming my daughters for stealing my stuff because they tend to 'borrow' things without telling me. Or I start posting the same thing over and over please send me messages about getting my arse into the doctor for a consultation.

oh by the way..again again...Do you feel the need to sign your blog entries? I have noticed some people do..I feel the urge to sign mine like I have written a letter. My family has a tradition of including xxxooo at the end of all of our letters (kisses and hugs)..Do others of you do that too?

xxxooo p.s. Please someone have some vodka for me in Chicago I will have one for you in Eugene when I meet up with Debi and Amanda on Sunday. We will toast the boobs at Red Robin. man I am depressing myself at how unexciting it sounds next to missing out on Chicago but I know we will have fun and it would be exciting if you weren't having a full on a legionnaires conventions without us (yes I have mental images of you all dancing in a conga line on balconies around the hotel).

This series of xxxooo is for every single blogger who reads this who is not going to CHICAGO---to us...the Stay at home Bloggers (maybe i could make that SOBBS somehow?)

haha oh crap..i must xxxooo

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Debi said...

LOL! Tina I do hear you on missing out on Chicago! I too have had visions that they would be dancing EVERYWHERE without us!! All I can say is they better have a BLAST! Or it wasn't worth it. LOL

And yes, we will have to toast to them, although I will have to toast with a Diet Coke! With all of my RX's, I can't drink. It would put me to sleep, and I need to stay awake so as not to fall off the MOTORCYCLE! That would be BAD!! LOL

So sorry to hear that you lost your phone. And I can relate to your vision problems. However mine aren't as severe as yours.

Mine has gone downhill very fast lately. I am sure that I need a new RX. But I can't go back to the Eye Doc until January. At least not unless we want to pay 100% which we don't.

I can barely read anything without my glasses, and totally forget it if the lighting is dim!