Monday, February 28, 2011

Maintenance is a Bitch

I don't like it.

Mr scale is up again this morning beyond my comfortable thresh-hold. It read 170.8. That is not OK. Last month it was water weight (I think)..There is no ankle swelling this month so I don't think I can point fingers at that. All I want to do is nap on the couch and eat. I feel like a bear who has not been allowed to hibernate.

I really need to go look at what kind of stuff I was posting last year and the year before at this time. I also wonder where my head was during this time of the month over the last few months. I swear that I go in cycles of good attitude and bad attitude but have on idea if it is a monthly, yearly or even a pattern at all.


I have gained weight in February during the past 4 years. For the last three years this weight gain was following warm vacations. I thin we should have planned a trip this year! I stated in each of posts for three years that the warm break helped me get through the horrible weather here.

There does not seem to be a monthly pattern to this funk I am in. I looked back over the last couple of months and found that I was on quite a high in December at this time. I am concluding that this January and February thing is pay-back for my December food fest and rapid decline in exercise. It is also plain old Winter funk that is amplified by the knowledge that I did not get any vacation vitamin D (sunshine) this year. In January I had some ankle swelling.

It is apparently time for some mood therapy I think--exercise, up my protein, turn on the full spectrum lights, take some liquid vitamin D.

I went to Costco and did a little prep for a pseudo 5-day pouch test. Or my particular eating clean brand of it. 1. Protein first whenever I eat (not only at meals). Drinking before I eat. I tend to eat first and then think drink later. This means that I have to wait and then don't get enough water down in a day. I replaced my aged protein powder. In December I tossed my almost 2 year old 1/2 used container. I am going to try a bit of it in ice cream machine experimentation and protein drinks. Cottage cheese, greek yogurt, corned beef, and organic chickens.

This whole house isn't going to know what hit them. The baker-man is now back on healthy meal duty.



Lap Band Gal said...

Amen Sista....there is no "done" Maintenance is tough.

amandakiska said...

Ack! That sucks! I know you'll get back on track though.

Shannon said...

im not looking foward to maintinace.

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

It's all that baking the hubby is doing!

TheManInTheChair said...

She did ASK for an ice cream machine for her birthday.