Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad Moods

There is an air of foul moodiness in the Portland area..perhaps it is in your area too? We have had too much bad weather. We have not had enough sunshine. I am joining the region in said foulness...If yesterday was the worst day of the year it is time for things to look up.

I think Tessierose and her crew in New Orleans are onto something with the Mardi Gras gig...the most depressing part of the year needs a good party to lift the gray.

On the food front..I was a bit better today but had a bit of a bender this evening after work (a controlled bender because there was limited access now in the house..but still not in complete control).

Can Winter depression actually manifest itself into joint pain and overall feelings of illness?...I haven't felt this bad..well since before the band. grrrrrrrrrr.

I am searching for a silver lining...looking really hard. I will let you know when/if I find it.



THE DASH! said...

I am definitely channeling some of this stinky hot weather your way. Sucks how we boil and you freeze and yeah, I do think damp grey skies can get us down after a while. Its a proven fact.
So lovely to finally get to speak to you again - missed you (though it was my fault we couldnt yack - stupid net lol.) xx

Ronnie said...

Winter has me in the grumps, too. :( Sounds like we need a martini.

Shannon said...

the weather can deffinatly affect your joints. i have issues with it too. only 19 days till the offical start of spring. hang in there.

Nella said...

Winter is a major mood swing!
The sun is trying to poke thru today here in Vancouver and there is actual sun in the forecast!
Just a couple of more weeks and we will get into the double digits WESTCOAST STYLE! Start moving all your spring clothes forward!

Lyla said...

I'm in the dumps with you. You are not alone!