Monday, March 14, 2011

Crazy Town

Work is CRAZY. I just quit working to come sit on the couch only to open my computer and spend a little more leisure time looking at it via this blog. I probably have a computer raccoon look with pulsating pupils right now from staring at the screen.

Today I split my time by working on a presentation poster for a conference i am attending next week and holding the first of my final conferences with students (the remainder are tomorrow night and Thursday). There is a pile of other stuff but I am prioritizing.

Weight? eating? I don't have time to worry about it or even think about it. I popped on the scale last night and I am holding around 167-8. I didn't remember to get on this morning. David is still doing his low glycemic index diet. I wish he would cook for all of us..he is leaving us to our own devices while he takes care of himself. Grace and I attempted some deli lobster bisque soup tonight but it was horrible. Totally tasted like shell in a bowl (bleck).

I am getting hungry again but still suffering from acid reflux. Last night I drank some orange juice and woke up in the morning with a bit of acid reflux (had similar results for past 3 days)...I am cutting out the OJ tonight.

Exercise? nope...ankles swelling again..yep (I think I cut off some sort of vein when I sit in the desk chair.

We looked for apartments on Saturday and found some promising ones. We looked for houses and property on Sunday...No luck. nice houses were either buried so far in the woods they scared the crud out of me, too expensive, or just scary.


Shannon said...

i hope the housing things gets smoother.

good luck with work.

Amanda said...

Goodness you are a busy lady!!
Orange juice never feels good to me when I have reflux! Boo

amandakiska said...

I take it your house did sell then? How did I miss that?

I'm sorry you haven't had any luck finding a new place. Maybe you should check out Eugene!

I am so enjoying being reflux free for the last 9 or 10 days. Maybe you should consider having your band nearly completely emptied.

TheManInTheChair said...

It's not really a low glycemic index diet. Low glycemic foods are part of the diet, but the research results on cholesterol, PUFAs, saturated fats, choline and vitamin A & D rations also guide the diet.

Nella said...

Congrats on selling the house...onwards and out baby!

I would say OJ would not be the best choice!

Hope you feel better soon sunshine!