Sunday, March 20, 2011

Choke...I am tight

This is unorganized and probably hard as heck to follow..I am tired though and am only to to fix it a little. This is a real view into how my mind works :) I try to clean up my flow and paragraphs usually!

Remember a few posts back when I complained that I preferred the tightness of my band during the few days at the beginning of my period and that I was loose the rest of the time. Well my band has decided to be difficult. Those so called tight days were really loose days and today and yesterday I have been given a lesson on tight.

It all started with a sleepless night of acid reflux. This is probably my fault because I ate a (ok 3) caramelized onion tart at a party I was attending. It just happened to be almost 10pm when I ate the thing. I was awake off and on all night alternating between having to run into the bathroom and spit out acid, throw up or just sit up and burp down the stuff. By Saturday morning I had a sore throat but the damnable tart had finally passed through and I could drink some hot tea.

I tried to take it easy on Saturday with a fruit smoothie for breakfast (drunk slowly because I was tight) and tuna and cheese with a bit of puff pastry for lunch. We left home right before dinner to head south towards San Francisco. We did something we have stopped doing but I really deluded myself into thinking this would work just find (how wrong was I?).

I ordered a fish sandwich at a local fast food place. This place called burgerville rates a tiny bit higher than McDonalds because it has healthier food and sustainability practices but then that is how we roll in Oregon-see Portlandia for a comic view of this. Anyhow...I also decided that a chocolate mint smoothie sounded yummy and ordered a small one as a chaser. Well I tasted the smoothie but put it aside for later and proceeded to take off a bun and eat the fish out of my sandwich. I ate some bits of the bottom bun but not even half. I chewed but I am guessing not good enough. We drove and in about 20 minutes my smoothie sat melting while the fish began to swell in my poor tummy. Thankfully I packed my trusty ziplock bags because I filled one over the hour that I tried to expel whatever it was that my stomach was offended by.

There is nothing i have more difficulty with than watching ice cream melt :(.

After a nights stay in Medford we popped out of bed and hit the pass towards San Francisco. Breakfast was one of those free hotel kinds and NASTY. I had a boiled egg and two bites of cottage cheese. It settled hard in the car while I drove but at about noon (two hours later) I finally managed to burp the last of it down. I had a coffee at noon (I think this helped move breakfast through). We decided to stop at 3pm for a late lunch (a full 5 hours since breakfast). I had a cup of minestrone soup, a thin slice of cheese and attempted a lemon gelato. I made David and Grace walk around the shop for 30 minutes or so hoping the 1/4 cup of the soup I could manage and the cheese would move on so I could eat the ice cream..yeah no. I had three bites of ice cream and ended up throwing the rest of it away. I ended up returning the ice cream in the car. Somehow my pouch was less than 1/2 cup in size??

At around 7:30 we popped into a restaurant for dinner. I drank two vodka and orange juices and had 4 onion rings and one bite of Graces Chicken pot pie. I was too tired and concerned with my food day to attempt a full restaurant meal. Amazingly the booze loosened my band a bit and even now at 10pm I am feeling better than I did all day yesterday. Just before dinner as I walked around town still feeling full I mentally said to myself that if I were home right now I would seriously be contemplating a small unfill...sheesh...and just think one week ago I was talking FILL!! I am going to guess the stress of driving and travel is the culprit but I have to say it does worry me a bit for my upcoming trip to the UK and Italy.

Other than the food the trip down was good. We have an inspection on our newly sold house on Tuesday. This of course caused us to spend most of Saturday doing all of those little things that needed doing done. We finally left just before dinner time. We arrived in Medford at just after 11pm and were out again on the road by 10am. The pass was advertised as nasty but was just wet (one would never have guessed this by all of the fuss they made on the road reports and the number of cars chaining up). We zoomed over into Redding where it was warm and sunny. We stopped for a couple of books on CD and drinks and then other than our stop for lunch we drove through to San Francisco. Once here we did a bit of shopping. I have replaced my thigh high stockings from Feb and David found a Japanese stationary store (he loved Japanese graph paper and mechanical pencils). After dinner all three of us went to the hotel fitness center and walked/run on the treadmills for 30 minutes followed by some token weight lifting and I even did 20 crunches on a yoga ball. The trip is good so far :) except for the food!

NSV-i am laying in a double sized bed next to David and not dying of claustrophobia because he is touching me!! :) there is a good several inches space! :) a few short years ago I would have slept with Grace or even kicked her on the floor and slept by myself in her bed!



Something About Kellie said...

I am having huge issues with tightness at the moment - not nice!

Good NSV!

Ronnie said...

GREAT NSV! Being able to sleep in a bed next to someone is one I didn't even consider before! :)

I'm sorry you've been so tight. :(

Jen said...

So frustrating!! Fickle band. I was starving hungry all last week (must need a fill right?) then clamped shut on Friday. Hopefully today will be better for you!
Have you considered having a bit of an unfill before your trip? I would imagine the stress of preparing for it and then flying would make it iffy. Not to mention whatever stage you are in your cycle during the trip. Alternately you may want to do a little research before the trip to find a Dr. in the area you'll be staying who could unfill you Just in Case while you are there.

FritoBandito said...

Goodness you are tight! I like Jen's suggestion of doing a slight unfil before your big need to eat enough to keep your energy up and enjoy your time.

Hope things get better soon!

amandakiska said...

Oh, Tina! That sounds so miserable. I hope things loosen up for you real quick! If not, I think you should consider a little un-fill. That acid situation especially is really yucky.

I'm glad you had a nice trip.


The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

We don't have burgerville here - its probably a good thing. I'm sorry you had the acid reflux stuff. I ate some doritos at 9pm over the weekend and was up all night with the same issues as a result. When will we learn? :) its just easy to forget sometimes. I hope the band begins to behave for you very soon!!

Tickled Pink said...

I am so sorry to hear bout your issues with tightness. I never understood how painful it can be until yesterday. I am a newbie and I thought I was gonna die. It is awful. But I love the NSV you shared. Awesome. I can't wait to have that experience.

Bunny said...


Dont worry about your trip to the UK...If you have ice cream melting when you come over here, I will eat it for you babe!!


x bunny x