Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Weekend

On Thursday we started a back and forth offer-fest with a potential buyer for our house. On Friday we settled on a price and our house (barring any inspection/loan issues) is sold.

Today we started looking at possible apartments as a stop gap measure until we find something permanent. The house we had found and liked sadly sold about two months ago and is gone. We are looking on Sunday with our realtor to see what is available but we are going to take our time and find something we really like. All have acreage at this point.

David has started a diet regime. We watched a movie called fat head (a counter movie to Super-size me). The author of the movie made some good points and it sparked David to do marathon research and reading up on health and nutrition. According to the author of fat head the government mandated food pyramid and low fat/high carbohydrate diet is partially to blame on our increasing obesity rates. David is finding similar things in his research and is off on a low glycemic index diet. His carbohydrates are coming mostly from fruits and vegetables and avoiding grain based ones. He believes that it will help him stay satisfied longer and boost his weightloss. He is down three pounds since Tuesday and is happy so far with his hunger levels.

The interesting thing is although I do not avoid grain-based carbohydrates this diet idea is not all that far off what I was recommended by my band surgeon. Eat meat first, fruit and vegetables second and if room remains eat a carbohydrate product. The reason is of course..with the space I have in the pouch the likelihood of making it to the simple carbs is slim. Of course I have never followed this to a the fullest extent I can. Food comes mixed up a lot of the time and I have often had crackers or a carbohydrate based snack. Needless to say I am watching him to see how things go over the next couple of weeks. I am so not ready to give up my carbs completely yet :)

Of course my scale is in a down cycle (finally). Hormones are so huge in this whole weightloss and gain thing. I have been having some wacky monthly cycles lately and my period snuck up on me this month. I tightened up a few days ago and the scale has been dropping since. I am back down to 167 and still really tight (in a good way). The problem with this is that for a week or so I have perfect restriction (even on the tight side) and then for the remainder I am a touch too loose. The dilemma is to I have great restriction for most of the month and then risk being too tight for this week. Alternatively I can settle into this 165-170 range and just cycle between too loose with a short period of great restriction. Sometimes I wonder if this is the key to all our success? What about those who have really wide ranges of restriction during this month. Is this what makes some who aren't doing so well with the band have trouble?

I have a bunch of stuff on at work (still). I have really been having trouble working on the tiny screen of my mini-laptop (my old eyes are getting even older). I bought a larger screen to run my computer through this weekend and a new desk (I have been eyeballing a cool one from Ikea with wire legs and a large printed glass top with black leaves and bugs on it. I have coveted this desk for a couple of year snow and what a better time to invest in even more furniture when one is about to pack it all up and move to a smaller place right? :)


DiZneDiVa said...

Congrats on selling your house! i hope you will something you absolutely love... Are you staying in the same area or moving to a different one?

Lonicera said...

So glad it's happened for you at last, hope the inspections go OK. Here it's a buyer's market at the moment, so if it's the same in the US hopefully this will mean there will be plenty of properties to choose from out there.

Lyla said...

Selling your house is great news! Have fun looking for the next one.

My diet is generally in line with David's, though I do include carbs here and there in moderation. It works wonders for me and I can honestly say I very very rarely crave sweets anymore, nor do I give a fig that I gave up bread. I thought it would be much harder than it is. I'm interested to see how he does.

Lynda said...

So happy for you guys on the sale of the house!!! Can't wait to come visit again and check out the new place.

Linda said...

Congrats on selling your house - now all fun begins right?
You and I are in a really similar place in that my restriction is pretty good, but great during my period. I've been toying with trying to get a fill, but it might be too risky right now.

Robin said...

Congrats on selling your house. That is huge!

As for restriction, I've been blessed with pretty consistent restriction since last May (no hormonal fluctuations here) but I'm finding I'm falling into some bad snacky habits. I think I'll do Dinnerland's "Band Basics Inventory" and try to work on problem areas.

As for your husbands new (!?!?) eating plan, I probably should work on that a bit for me too. I do love my carbs and have always felt "protected" with the band since I can't over-indulge.

FritoBandito said...

Congrats on selling your house!

My band has been "different" for me this week and I am now wondering if it's hormonal. I had a couple days of constant "munchiness", and now a couple of days of what I guess I might call "tightness"...although I'm not that tight yet, so this is just "sorta tight". My cycle is all out of whack due to other issues but I think it's time for the new one to start and maybe that's why I'm experiencing the weirdness? If TOM shows up in the next 24 hours, I'm going to chalk it up to hormones for sure!

Alison said...

Congratulations on selling your house!
8th of July should be fine, I will make my husband book the day off work, really looking forward to meeting you!

amandakiska said...

Look! I finally got here!

So glad your house is selling!

David's diet sounds horrible to me. But I find it kind of funny that he's all hot for this food plan when you've been at this for so long. I wish him great success!