Monday, March 7, 2011

Night Time Eating

I am having a huge problem with eating. it is like this band of mine has gone and changed the rules on me of late. I am hungry in the morning and then not as much during the day (although that comes and goes). I seem plenty tight enough but am missing the nice lack of urge to snack. The real trouble starts in the evening when the 8pm cravings hit me with full force. I have always had a treat when the kids go to bed. I didn't think this 27 year habit was a problem until the acid reflux started at night. I know I should not eat at night but every evening the cravings hit me full force again and more often than not I buckle.

Last night I tried out an orange smoothie and although it went down in a lovely fashion it did not make my tummy happy once in bed. I had less reflux than when I eat something solid but It still posed a few problems. At several times in this journey I had what I consider the perfect zone...all three components converged and I was in a happy place. 1. I was hungry two or three times a day and was satisfied quickly for a long period of time. 2. I had energy to buzz around the house getting things done and getting on my bike. 3. I had no reflux and reasonable amounts of sticking or PB'ing (and could pinpoint my choices that caused it).

These days I am totally still living in the third area but parts one and two have slipped. I am thinking this is because now I am in the process of perfecting how to eat around my restriction. Not in the sense that I am eating chocolate ganache with a spoon but that my brain seems to have figured out that I can sneak in more calories if I snack and being tired means I need to rest when in fact it probably means that is the time I really need to go work out.

The sun is shining hear today. I think Spring is finally around the corner. I hope my maintenance zone drops back down to where I am happiest and the great weather brings on new bouts of action in our house.



LDswims said...

I don't know if this will help but one of the things I have figured out about my nighttime snacking is that I just want to change the taste in my mouth. It's never really that I want's a taste thing. Sometimes I allow myself the snack but other times I know all I need is a cup of tea. To be honest, though, the trick is to getting myself to want that cup of tea all the time and not allow the snack. I shouldn't be searching for ways to justify it anymore. I don't really "need" it...

Just a thought.

I like the idea that low energy means time to work out. I know that's where I am. :)

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Are you taking anything for the reflux? My husband takes one Prilosec daily and he has had no reflux at all, of course he doesn't have the band. I am okay at night, but it's 4 o'clock in the afternoon that just kicks my butt with the snack urges! I don't know if it'll ever get better!

Jen from Oregon said...

You have sun today? Mind sharing? :)

I don't have any wisdom on this because just when I think I have a handle on an issue, Claire (my band) does a 180! *sigh*

amandakiska said...

No fair -we didn't get any sun down here! You're hogging it!

Having just come from a major acid reflux disaster I would do just about anything to prevent that. I don't usually eat at night, but I know lots of people enjoy a little snack in the evenings. I hope you can find a way to mesh the two.