Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Think Fill?

This Tina pouch test thingy has finally made me realize that the problem might actually be that I need a teensy fill. I was starving this morning. Hoovering scraps while making Graces lunch and then at work gulped down a bottle of water with protein mix and ate my full 1 cup bowl of cottage cheese and tuna with gusto. On my way back home I stopped off for a grande coffee. I sucked it down and am now sitting here starving and ready to go get some lunch. I have more cottage cheese and tuna in the fridge to eat.

On one hand it is quite refreshing to have no trouble chug a lugging down water but on the other the screaming hunger is crazy. I am going to give it another day then call in for an appointment.

I am making a habit shift (or trying too). I found Pandora radio and bought a set of head-phones for my phone today. going to listen to radio while I move around and work in the hope that it will keep me more focused and less distracted. The music is helping with my poor mood too (so far). I am a little worried about my hearing though :)

Looking up Wednesday!



Cassie said...

Hope the fill helps. I learnt that hunger last week just before my first fill, and with the little amount they put in, it disappeared. Amazing :)

I'm Listening! said...

Cottage cheese and tuna? I'm afraid to try it.

Yana said...

I've heard that stuff like cottage cheese and yogurt can be a slider. Have you done the part of the pouch test where you eat solid protein, like chicken?
Miss ya, been a little MIA, but following and rooting, always!

Jen from Oregon said...

I was wondering what Yana said... What happens when you go for more solid proteins?

Just a couple more days till the meet-up! YAY!