Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today is Tighter

Those of you in the cottage cheese/tuna is a slider camp might just be correct. I do know that removing bread/carby vegetables did speed up the rate of food pass through. The lunchtime portion seemed to hold me a little better. I had a cup of tea in the afternoon ( I wonder if those liquids between meals are important). I then had a burrito for dinner (fresh cooked costco flour tortilla and home-made chili with some cheese. After dinner I had a protein smoothie and some bagel chips...I should have skipped the chips.

I had acid reflux issues last night for the first time in ages (sucks for the fill idea!). I shouldn't have eaten them so late and I was a tad stressed about work the next day.

I am at work now. I had a morning protein smoothie and an afternoon diet-coke and one piece of fish and some potato chips (naughtily purchased from the fish and chip man) at2pm. I have just finished a cup of tea with milk at 3:30. I am planning on drinking a bottle of water with special K protein mix poured in.

Notice the pump up the protein techniques and increase the between meal liquids. I do not know if it is helping or if this whole endeavor is effective. If nothing else however it is making me very aware of just how much I am eating and drinking and how much more of both there is than I was eating before. The acid reflux is a red herring that I am a tad worried about.


Lyla said...

I do think drinking between meals helps a lot. Late afternoon I am usually "hungry" but I've realized if I have coffee it sates the hunger until dinner (and if I drink decaf I don't have to feel bad).

The acid reflux is worrisome. If it's one night, no big deal though-- right?

THE DASH! said...

OOOh thats when I had acid reflux. Its only happened twice and the last time was months ago - but both times hit when I ate late at night. Maybe we are onto something here.

I also drink when hungry. It helps fill me up a little. I'm thinking of getting a touch of fill in too but then I think.. Nah I like where I am .. I can eat most things. But is that a good thing? lol

Jen from Oregon said...

Boo on the reflux!
See you tomorrow! YAY!

Ronnie said...

I think drinking between meals really does help, at least for me. It's helping me stop my snacking, which was my weakness for so long. Hope your special K protein stuff helps! Let us know how it works for ya. :)