Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sitting Pretty Today

Today was lovely! Springy in fact. I also miraculously had my hungries go a little quieter. I do not know if it was in my head or hormones or just what I ate but we seemed to be a family in the groove this morning.

I had some victory over the acid reflux last night...surprise..I did not eat!! :) Tonight I came home and had a cup of greek yogurt with honey and then 1/2 a bottle of water with special K protein mix in it. At 10pm I had a cup of tea with milk and honey. I can feel one empty stoma and I like it!! :)

Fingers crossed I gain a second night of pain free sleeping.

To wrap this whole thing up..I saw this really cool video about the place I live..Portland Oregon. It really makes the place look good. The book store scenes are of the store where David and I did a little shopping on our Valentine's day dates.

Happy Spring!!!



Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

Glad you slept well. Hope tonight is just as successful!

Ronnie said...

Yay for a restful night! :) The milk really does help, hoping tonight is just as good!

Jen from Oregon said...

We have a little sunshine at the moment... crosses fingers that it stays at least a day!

Hope the reflux stays away!

amandakiska said...

Have you seen the new IFC show Portlandia?

I'm glad you're doing so well! I loved the video. Oregon is an incredible place, except for all the rain.