Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday and the House is Clean :)

We had another viewer this afternoon. We have all finally gotten into the cleaning groove around here. We got up after a nice little lie in did a bunch of cleaning (cooperatively!!). We dashed off to Graces knitting group and David's and my morning leisure coffee. We then came home and finished cleaning for a couple of hours. There was not a single bit of fighting or yelling. It was joyous! :)

At 12:45 on the dot we left the house and the agent drove up as we drove down the road. We had lunch at a new pub place (mixed reviews-the girls and David loved their food but the service was rubbish). We then did a twirl around our local import shop (bought some British chocolate but just a small bit).

We then went to the mall and finally took my strappy sandals back. David took the money and got the gold loaf pans from Williams and Sanoma. The gold touch bakeware at Williams and Sanoma is awesome! it is spendy but I figure this is the last bakeware we will ever buy. We tested to see if it was really better than the normal old aluminum stuff and found that yes it was wayyy better. The banana bread went from moist and perfectly done in a reasonable amount of time to taking forever in the aluminum pan and then ended up only slightly cooked in the middle and dried out along the outside. We are gradually replacing all of our pans with it.

After a little leisure time at home we took Grace over to my oldest daughters apartment to spend the night and David and I had out own little date night. We went to see the King's Speech. I do love Colin Firth and he did not disappoint. The movie was very well done. I did feel like he and the queen were a tad over-affectionate especially in the public scenes however I base this feeling on Davids policies of no PDA ;)..perhaps my husband is more 'British' than King George VI was :)

Tomorrow is another open house here but hoorayyyy the house is already clean :) We can sleep in!



Alison said...

Really hope that you have some offers on your house soon, I found the constant cleaning a nightmare, my house is now off the market and chaos rules!
I enjoyed The Kings Speech and Colin is indeed lovely! We watched a program last night about the real Lionel Loage (sp?), they interviewed some of his old patients, was very interesting.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a lovely day...I hope your house sells too...

Sending xoxox back to you..Thanks for all your sweet support.

Justine said...

Yay for a clean house! Our cleaners couldn't make it last week so we are currently living in squalor until they come on Wednesday.
Hope your place sells soon; have you seen a house you'd like to buy?
Hubby & I really enjoyed The King's Speech too; Oscars were well-deserved I think.

Lonicera said...

I saw the film a couple of weeks ago, and like Alison, watched the documentary on TV about Logue. I think the film deserved all those Oscars.
I do agree with you about the 'PDA', I'm quite sure they would have had stony faces in public - you could see that in the documentary. The Q Mum's face was just stoic.