Friday, February 18, 2011

Hello 500!

I just noticed that yesterday my announcement for the Northwest Boobs meet up was my 500th blog post. I never imagined that I would still be at this blog thing so long or that I would meet so many lovely people or that I would enrich my life so much from the simple act of filling in the boxes at blogspot and launching the losing it page.

On June 27, 2008 I posted for the first time-it follows:

the journey begins
After reading the various websites, blogs and even some research on the subject and years of failed weight-loss attempts (more on that later) I have decided to pursue a surgical solution. I currently weight 281 (ala my scale in the laundry room). At 5'7" this means that I have a BMI of a whopping 44.

Today I called my insurance company (United Healthcare) and was told that although they have a policy on bariatric surgery i was not allowed a copy of it. Kindly, however, they could read it to me over the phone! (How generous of them!) I dont believe for one minute that this is a policy that is legal. When asked if they could tell me whether either of the two clinics that do bariatric surgeries was a preferred provider for my insurance I was told that i should call their offices to find out. sigh-such a run around.

So after I finished with my insurance company I called my regular doctors office to start work on the letter that the insurance company says is needed in order to gain permission for surgery coverage. for good measure i wrote up a dieting, medical problems, and weight gain history to fax to my doctor so that I could assist her in her letter writing. Then I called the two obesity clinics in my town and asked them if they were preferred providers for my insurance. One suggested I call my insurance company! haha and the other signed me up for the required information seminar. I hope I don't go through all this and find out there is no insurance coverage and the bill will be 100,000 dollars!

so now I wait-My seminar appointment is July 26. I'll try and remember to blog and let you know how it goes.

and there you go...I was doubtful whether i would continue to blog (I only have 12 entries in 2007). It took another 11 months before I actually had my band installed. one year later I had to go back in for a port revision or re-anchoring actually as the port had come dislodged on one side and twisted around.

I just spent the last hour trolling through my old posts. It is crazy to go back to my mind set then and read about my worries, my victories and failures. It was most interesting to read the comments you- my few long term followers. Some of you never comment now while others have been steady supporters all along. Another very cool thing are the pictures posted next to your is really cool to see all of our old 'before' pictures.

I highly recommend looking back in time both on my blog and your own! No wonder people keep journals...who would have known :)

Happy Friday everyone. I hope you have the most stupendous weekend ever!



Lonicera said...

Interesting to see that at the beginning it wasn't just determination you had, but patience as well. I was in such a low state at the beginning that I know I couldn't have waited another year - I just used up a redundancy payment I had. The NHS and private medical insurance companies don't yet cover lapband surgery in the UK unless there are co-morbidities and (physical, not mental) nightmare stories backed up with evidence.
I for one am so glad you're still blogging.

Jen from Oregon said...

That is quite the accomplishment! Here is to 500 more! + some

amandakiska said...

I forgot that we started at the same weight! You're smaller than me now, but soon!

How cool that you blogged the entire process. I guess I did too, but since I was self-pay, it only took me four weeks to plan the whole thing.