Monday, February 14, 2011

What Does One Wear When Eating Peruvian Food?

Today is my birthday. David made a yummy lemon cake and I opened my prezzies last night. Included in these presents was an ice cream maker (yup..miss lapband now owns Satan's own ice cream maker that sits in my kitchen and will provide me with ice cream whenever I want). I also got some gadgets for my spinning wheel, some yarn and a math book.

Before you go all crazy about my owning an ice cream maker it is with the intention of cleaning up my ice-cream. I love low-fat (skim milk) ice crystal filled ice cream and am hoping this beautiful piece of machinery will help me perfect a lowfat gelato-esque bowl of goodness. yes..well that sounds like a load of crap :)..i do like the ice cream maker though. I will let you know if I actually do make a good super icecream with skim milk and some protein boost-i-ness in it.

This morning David provided me with one additional present-a new and improved pedometer to the free one i experimented with at Christmas. I have it on a lanyard around my neck right now. So far after a morning mostly on my butt doing email with some playing with my grandson I am up to 501 steps.

I have some complex life issues hanging over my 47 year old head just now.

1. i am not happy with Grace's school and Grace is not happy. We home schooled a few years ago and I was really happy with how it went (we have a local community home-school support school that is excellent). Grace was happy, we were mostly happy etc. The only down side was that my work life and her school life were not easy to juggle. Of course Grace is a few years older and a lot more mouthy than she was then :)

2. Nichole and I sometimes have difficulty juggling our dual child-care needs. We have mostly traded off child-care but when Grace is in school and Nichole and I are both working during the day and Grant is not in school yet means that he needs greater care than either of us can trade off. I have been driving him to a child care center at the university but it is not very convenient to where Nichole works or where we live.

3. I am not happy with one of my two jobs. I had hoped that it would be an effective program but I am quickly learning that the task is very difficult to accomplish and the people in charge of making sure it happens are probably not up to the task. I am also learning that I am being paid for a job that is four times as large as I am being paid for. Finally I miss the free time that I discovered last Spring and Summer. The down side of these feelings is that this job bring sin more money and the bills I have are made much easier for it.

This weekend I talked it over with David aka Mr. never states his opinion and decided that I will stop whining until the end of July. This will give me the opportunity to see it through one summer (we do more intensive professional development in the summer) and then make my decisions about all of the three topics that seem to so closely be linked.

So...I am now 47. I have to say I feel better now than I have my entire life. So I guess 47 isn't bad at all.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!!!

amandakiska said...

Happy birthday! A Valentines baby! I love it!

I'm sorry you have some issues going on. I can't imagine trying to juggle home-schooling my kids with my jobs and everything else. Thinking about it for a few months sounds like a good plan.

Something About Kellie said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sandy Lee said...

Happy Birthday!!! I am so jealous you got a math book as a gift. The ice cream maker will come in handy to try frozen yogurt in the summer. Lots of low cal treats. Sorbets, Sherbets-I am sure you can experiment.

THE DASH! said...

Happy Birthday Sweetpea!! I hope it was a good one. :) xxx