Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hungry and Low

This morning my lovely little scale read 162. I kind of like it. I was really working at having a mind set that I am done changing clothing sizes. This has in fact been happening a big way as I shopped for Graces bigger clothes I have purchased several new things for me.

On Sunday I bought pair of denim slacks..I love trouser jeans. I tried on the 12 and they fit really nicely...There was just a little wiggle room but coming out of the weight gain that I just have I went back and forth in my brain about whether I should try on 10's or go with these super comfy slacks as they were. I went with the 12. Well I wore them to work yesterday and found that they stretched out during the day enough that I had a wee bit of saggy butt. For once in my life the question posed to my husband was not "does my butt look big in this" Instead it was Do have enough butt to fill these out. His very dangerous response was, "It would take a surgical intervention to get enough butt these days to fill out trousers for you"...sadly I cannot kill him because he is right. I have rolls in my butt where the skin is hanging south of the border. I probably should have bought the 10 but who knows whether I would have fully filled that butt out either.

My band is very much more open yesterday and today than it was before. I am guessing this downward thing is about to come to a halt. I like it while it lasts though.



Shannon said...

I say go until you feel comfortable with yourself. there is always a reason to buy more clothes!

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

You need to buy those 10's!!! I can only imagine what it would feel like to actually be able to wear 10s! That's just awesome!!!! Congrats on your low!! I laughed out loud at your description of a saggy butt - too funny! My goal is to fit in a 12! I'll be there someday with you!

Lyla said...

I just wish I could move some of my front-side round to the back-side sometimes. Saggy butt with a fits-fine waist is eck.

amandakiska said...

Try the 10's. I hate when jeans are all stretched out by the end of the day and I have to keep hiking them up.

Ronnie said...

I agree with everyone else, I would have tried the 10's! :)