Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Husband is Killing Me With Cookies

I am over the whole shortbread thing (not really but if I say it enough do you think it will become true?). Girlscout cookies arrived in our house, David continued making his shortbread, He also has been working on french Macarons and then there has been the ice cream.

He is driving me nuts. So David does not experiment with the lowest calorie or even the smallest serving size of these things. He dives right into the recipes he finds using cream, butter, double cream, sugar, booze, egg yolks..and all that crud. Remember when I said I wanted the ice cream maker to make low fat high protein ice cream..yeah well with David driving the bus we had some egg yolky vanilla stuff, some other vanilla stuff and some zabaglione. It was all WAY TOO rich and I didn't even like it. I like my gelato fruity and light. Tonight I finally had to walk into the kitchen and do it myself. cooling on the stove is a light (still cream but mixed with 2% milk). It is currently vanilla but will soon be orange and coconut. After checking this for richness I am going to back out the cream altogether and simply use milk. After I have mastered the milk mix I will start trying out protein powders and/or Greek yogurt.

I like cookies. The band has given me some resistance to them. I no longer eat them one after another or in batches of way too many. This does now however mean that I can put up with a new variety coming out of the oven everyday (or sitting in girlscout boxes). I walk by and eat one then is the perfect storm for snacking hell and I am in it. I sent David a facebook message today. It said "enough with the cookies already. Please return to bread-baking. I am gaining weight and you will no longer be able to commune with the thigh highs if you keep this behavior up".

Like last month at this time my weight is up. I seem to definitely be in a 164-170 weight cycle. I know that exercise could lick this if I would just shift my arse. Where are you sun!!! :) I am more than ready for Spring and Summer so I can go outside again.


CeeJay said...

Those darn Girl Scouts--they got to me this year too. Thankfully I shared the boxes with my co-workers and I got them to eat some of the calories that I would have eaten in previous years. Too much temptation, even reading your post made my mouth water. Yum!

Ronnie said...

Evil man. LOL I hope the cookies are gone soon!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Yeah, but what a way to go!

Shannon said...

evil cookie man!

Drazil said...

OMG - Rambo too! Cookies and soda and my faves as an "I love you" treat. I hate him. Well not really.