Friday, February 11, 2011

How do you make seafood/fish stew anyway?

Tonight was a running around day. I bit of work errand running. Another series of stops to find 'the shoes' for tomorrow night's dance. A trip to costco to to have some of my old glasses re-lensed for reading glasses (only 46 dollars for reading glasses!!). Finally I picked out a pair to have some new sunglasses made (those were not so cheap because they need bifocals). I then stopped at home for a quick lunch and clothing change to go to horseback riding with Grace. After her class it was a dash back home to change back into my nice clothes for dinner out with some of David's work colleagues.

My friend Liz offered to let Grace come over to play at her house while we had our dinner out so after dinner we had stopped and visited for a bit (way too long actually but they are fun to talk to). phew..finally a little sit down.

For dinner I had a bowl of fish had winter vegetables, a blob of sole and a tomato base. (finally a segue to the point of this post). In October on my trip to New York I had a seafood Stew at an Irish pub too but with a cream base...these two dishes have got me thinking about my next cooking experiments (or rather...see me pushing David into the kitchen with a pouted look on my face...I would really like to figure out how to make seafood stew) :) hehe...both stews were really tasty and went down the hatch at just the right pace. not too fast, not too slow and tasted really yummy. So...does anyone have any great fish/seafood soup/stew recipes?

The shortbread experiment is still progressing (but has slowed down recently)...I think there will be a batch tomorrow.



Linda said...

I generally make a cioppino - which is a tomato base. I'll try to cobble together a recipe as I don't tend to follow them. I would recommend if you want a cream based stew follow a basic clam chowder recipe and substitute fish/shellfish for clams (I also love adding fennel to chowders - but that's just me).

Tina said...

Both are really good..thanks for the advice Linda...I also think the fennel additions sounds yummy.