Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Morning After the Night Before

Last night we had a great time at the Portland area sorority valentines dance. I have never been a sorority kind of girl but everyone was very nice, the drinks flowed and we danced.

Cinda (daughter number 3 aged 21) liked all things bling and party. She came over with her jewelry, make-up and hair supplied to kit me out. I guess with my expanded dress wardrobe I will need to get my own bling now.

Before we left Cinda cracked out the camera and took pictures:

This one is probably better than our last sink pictures.

Note the bit of thigh...pantyhose story to follow. Also..the shoes. I ended up not wearing my strappy sandals and they were the most uncomfortable beasts on the planet. I did however find these babies on Friday. they are called Sofft (with dots above the o). They looked good and most importantly i danced, walked hopped and my feet did not hurt at all!!!

Ok the #$@$%#$ pantyhose. The hose in the picture are a pair of thigh high nylons I found in New York when I was there. They were comfortable and I have worn them several times. The last time I noticed a bit of a run in the toe so knew I would need a new pair. ON our way out last night I stopped off at our local Walgreens (where I got the hose in the New York)..well our Walgreens sells only all the way up the waist pantyhose. I bought two pair with sadness. We got to the car. I attempted to pull the first pair on and snap...a hole right away. I went with bare legs until I got to the hotel and in the rain attempted to pull on the second pair with my feet dangling out the car door and David..inexplicably hold an umbrella over himself (I think he was attempting to share but failed miserably. I asked him to help with my shoes and he moaned that he only had one hand...archchghg..i looked down and i swear the hose already had a run in it before I even attempted to pull it on!!!! So 10 dollars later and two car wrestling sessions I was back in my somewhat run thigh highs and walking into the dance. sheesh..there has to be a better way the make pantyhose and sell them. I do not know how everyday dress wearing girls do that part of things.

We arrived at the dance and had our drinks. The food came out preceded by salads. Everyone dug in. I skipped the rolls, ate a cucumber and the tomato on the salad and then chilled (I didn't need to fill up on salad and crap before the fish came and I didn't want to risk a lettuce stick). Now..everyone at the table except one person knows about my lapband. I didn't know this person but she watched me pick at my salad apparently because after bit she I noticed you didn't eat your salad. Do you not like greens? What is it with people watching what other people eat anyway??? I always suspected they watched when I was fat but I had come to the conclusion that it was my paranoia and that people were too busy worrying about me watching them to actually watch. Well she was watching and had the balls to ask me about it!!! I think she got more than she bargained for because I told her :)...after everyone at the table made a little quiet gasp and went silent waiting for me to answer her. I told her..I said I had a lapband and that lettuce didn't really go down all that well. I said I didn't really want to risk it while out for the evening. I have to say it did take this woman back a bit...she responded with 'oh i didn't mean to pry but I am a nurse and nothing you say would ever bother me or some such thing' :) and then my friend Jean (who knows) said...and that is all we need to know because we are squeamish.

The second course was crab stuffed sole, cooked veges. and mashed potatoes. I had almost one fish roll. I thought at the time that the portion was huge...I know that a couple of short years ago I would have swiped my plate clean and scarfed down the chocolate mousse. Now all I could think was 'I wish they would cut down these portions'.

After the dinner portion I waited and sipped a bit more alcoholic beverage(s) and we danced. In all it was a good time. Even with the pantyhose, band confession and mass quantities of food. The people were funny and I knew several of them so we had a great time dancing, talking and laughing.



Kerri said...

Looking good!!!

Lonicera said...

I dream of evenings like that - good for you Tina. (I haven't worn tights in 10 years, but I guess if I took to wearing skirts and dresses again I would).

Mandy said...

You look great! I hate pantyhose! They need to make them more durable! Especially if us women have nails!

Rachel said...

You look beautiful!!!!

Cassie said...

Looking good! Pantyhose are a pain, and I do wonder why they havent improved them by now? Sounds like a fun evening :)

Linda said...

You both great dressed up! I really love your kitchen - my next kitchen will be white.

Debi said...

I agree, both of you look great!!

And I hated having to wear nylons or pantyhose back in the day...which is why I loved it when I got a job where I didn't have to dress up!! :)

Jen from Oregon said...

Sounds like so much fun! You look super good!

Shannon said...

you look so cute!!! Thats so funny that people watch others eat so closly.

tessierose said...

Sounds like fun, except for the hose, I don't do them...I spray on the sally hansen leg makeup if I must! And, you two look adorable!!!