Monday, February 7, 2011

Clothes Clothes Clothes

My oldest daughter was in the trying on mood this evening so she and I went to my room for some good old fashioned dress up. Cinda (daughter number 3) has some beautiful dresses that she has since outgrown (just) and Nichole (oldest) has just shrunk into. Nichole pulled those dresses from my spare closet and I Pulled out the new ones I bought on Saturday. The pictures follow. Note the strappy heels. Sadly they are going back because by the time we were done with the trying on I could barely hobble. I am still not heel worthy I guess. I will keep looking for the right balance of comfort and sexy.

Note: Can you spot the big bra? It isn't on me but in the background (how embarassing :)) It is one of my old BIG bras hanging around.

This is the Calvin Klein dress. It is somehow appropriate to model it near a refrigerator don't you think?

Another very well made wool blend dress purchased on Saturday.

Nichole in Cinda's prom dress from a few years ago. Cinda found it at a vintage clothing store.

I wish I could wear it..The red seems somehow perfect for a Valentines day dance..however:
The zipper poses a bit of a problem.

Another dress from the Saturday shopping spree. I think I am going to wear it with leggings and boots tomorrow to work.

Grant, my grandson (aged 2 and 1/2) liked all of the pretty dressing up. He especially liked my shoes.
I pulled out my summer sandals (love my sandals) to try on the white linen skirt purchased on Saturday.

a Pendleton Outlet Store bargain from a couple of weeks ago.

Two more skirts purchased at the Pendleton outlet store. The floral one matches one we purchased for Grace. She is so excited to have a skirt that matches mine for our vacation this summer.

Don't forget to look at my previous post this can do your own shopping for free! via the sisterhood at the big fat professors blog.


Rachel said...

Beautiful...that is what you are...its not only the weight loss but I see the exuberance in your face.

Lonicera said...

I agree, you look so happy. They grey dress is definitely the winner - love it.

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I love everything! I really adore your skirts. As for the heels, I have to but the ones with a little platform under the ball of my foot. I can't wear them all day, but I can for a few hours.

Gen said...

Love that gray dress! With boots and black tights, perfect.

Alison said...

Love all your new clothes, your daughter is beautiful and so like you!

Lyla said...

Such a model!

You look fabulous :) That Calvin Klein will be your go to dress for a long time.

Nella said...

Hello HOTNESS! You look FABulous!
Love the clothes!

amandakiska said...

Love them all! Except the red too-tight number (and only because it is too tight).

tessierose said...

You look great Tina!!

Ronnie said...

Love the looks, you look beautiful. :)

Joyful said...

I love the low cut dress with the big sleeves on you. You look FAB!