Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Husbands and Bad Humor-

Yesterday Tessierose introduced us to her husband who has taken up blogging. His blog is called Married to the Band. I highly recommend his blog so far...although he walked into dangerous territory today by admitting he really doesn't listen when his wife talks...I know it is true because mine does it all the time...but sheesh we do like to pretend you are listening!

I often share extra special posts with my husband..either reading a post aloud to him or having him link to it through my blog. My husband blogs as the man in the chair at things I thunk today He is lame at it...his last post was November 30. He does not hesitate in leaving the occasional comment here and there...The thing is...he has a really strange sense of humor. I am used to it...even think it is funny most of the time. So here is the deal. Last night he did his usual drive by joke on Tessie's husbands blog (i really need to figure out his name don't I?) He stated that he had pictures of me barfing in the sink...and he does. I actually have said picture. it is a great picture of me leaning over the sink from the back. when I saw it my first thought my ass is much nicer than it used to be ;)... Wanna see it?

So just in case you didn't think his comment was funny or that I would be offended or that I would have to dig up naked pictures of him...i am used to his humor and I am cool with the picture and yes I have pictures that he would be more embarrassed about than I am with the barf pic.

yes..I did feel the need to clarify my husband...does that mean I am insecure? probably!!



amandakiska said...

Yes, I want to see the barfing picture.

Men! We can barely let them out of the house, right?

Lonicera said...

Cor - phew!! Right then! Let's be having your rear view!

Rachel said...

You make me laugh and smile. Thank you for your comment on my blog are always a voice of reason and experience!

Drazil said...

Oh honey - no need to defend. He has a penis so we already gave him a free pass. LOL

TheManInTheChair said...

There are no naked pictures of me over age 0. I'm a computer security expert, so I've learned that if you don't want to risk information (E.G. pictures) leaked on the internet, the only safe way is to never put the information on a computer.

Tina said...

oh he has no idea...Following this post I described in great detail to him the information that my brain and camera does and can hold...he turned a touch red :) heheheh evil laugh.

tessierose said...

You guys are too funny! BTW, your ass looks great....and to the hubs, so does the countertop and sink...good job both of you!