Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well That Isn't Fun-Warning-Barf Description Included

I was very nice to my husband this morning. I left him to sleep in while I got up, got Grace out of bed and did the morning routine. We all hate getting up in our house. We all wish the world would run on a 9am - 5pm clock (or later!). So I did the morning school run (he usually does it) while I drive my neighbor's son to the university. He is a student there and was taking the bus when I was driving there anyway. On the way I pick up my grandson and carry him along to daycare on campus as well. So I did this running around (I think I should have earned some good behavior points for this don't you?).

On my way back to my office I stopped off at Starbucks for a tall nonfat peppermint latte (no whip). I also decided that I could have a egg muffin egg and sausage thingy. I have had them a few times lately so things should have been fine..well I was wrong. Not only did i not earn any good behavior points but I also was chosen for the depths of Hell stuck scenario today.

I ate the muffin while talking to a colleague about work (not a good scenario for adequate chewing). Warning point number one for you who are new to the band..DO NOT DO THIS. At one point in my conversation and chewing I paused...and noticed that I needed to chew better (i think this thought was a little too little too late). Things seemed OK. I stopped 1/2 way through the thing and threw it away. It seemed a bit uncomfortable at first. I finished my meeting an hour or so later..still not 100% comfortable but not emergency feeling. I then decided maybe a good walk would get things moving through and I went to a local bookstore to find a needed book for the office. I took a pit stop to the bathroom and did a quick spit to unload the spit piling up on my food. I walked about 1/2 mile to the book store. Looked for the book..then had to pop up for another spit loss event. A walk back to the office and finally the real trouble began. I was stuck..apparently quite badly. a bit of barfing at 2 and then finally a complete fix for the problem at 2:30...My tummy is still not happy. I have attempted a few drinks of water successfully and am going to have my husband make me a cup of tea before I go to bed.

I have never been so messed up since this band went in. Usually I will either over-eat (rarely these days) and have a quick pb much like a baby and a bottle of milk. or I get stuck (more frequent) and at most an hour later unstick the offending item with a full on vomit after a few mini-barfs where I expel some spit.

Now you newbies might ask..when does one get the hang of this?? I have not fully. I will tell you that I have improved dramatically but not cured myself of getting stuck. Very rarely (like I cannot remember the last time actually) do I simply overeat and have a pb anymore. I have mastered portion control and listening to what full means. Stuck however is a different story. I still continue to push my band in both the variety of foods I can eat and occasionally like today chewing. I also think that there are days when my band is fine with a bit less chewing or more difficult to eat foods than it is on other days. I would say I get stuck about twice a month now. I am approaching my period..i can tell and of course I have already proclaimed my hormonal angst. Both of these are messing with my tightness.

On a good note I do think that this band variability probably keeps me on my toes and keeps me from becoming complacent about what I eat.



Shannon said...

that sounds like a horrible day. I have such a hard time remembering to chew.

Gen said...

Sorry Tina! Hope you feel better today!

tessierose said...

I hate when I get stuck and then it's way later before I can get it up. I know that my issues are definitely user error, it just seams like I'm head first into a stuck episode before I realize it and it's too late. I have much to learn! Feel better soon!