Friday, February 4, 2011


I cracked today finally and went to our local Nordstrom department store to be fitted for a new bra. Apparently I was having some telepathic vibes from Justinebecause across the pond she was doing exactly the same.

I was all ready to come away with a smaller smaller i mean small waist size and smaller cup. My boobs were pretty much floating in the DD cup and the waist even at the tightest hook was swimming around me. I noticed to that I was getting some big time sag. So she measured my waist...just my waist. kinda strange I though as she didnt compare it to my boob measurement. She just left and came back with a store bra for me to try on.

It was a freaking G!!! um...that cannot be right. She replied that I was pretty small now in the waist and to remember that the cup size was the difference between my breast size and waist...umm..OK and she had me bend over while she slung the girls into the is an odd thing having someone dress you. Anyhow...the Damned thing fit!!! She then paraded out bra after bra after bra..hard ones, seamless ones, seamed ones, pushup ones pink, beige and black ones. I tried them all on and in the end purchased 3. A very lacy low cut black one. one soft pink one and one beige. one is a 36G and the others...34G wowza..this is funny as I believe before I started losing weight that i was a 44 or even 46 G...10 inches off my waist and full circle back to a G cup-fitted perfectly by a young little blonde with obviously a well skilled eye for cup size (hmm I am not going to think to hard about that one).

After the bra parade was over The bra whisperer brought in the body shaper line...She brought in the most amazing camisole is very much like the one I showed you pictures of in my almost goal post...beige with a power tummy control band around the middle. The difference is that this one has a really low scoop in the much so that the front 'neckline' lands below your bra. It also has the feeling of some fetish rubber (not that I have actually tried that on but you my imagination what it would feel like) was TIGHT and grippy. I could not get it over my head but had to pull it up my legs. It likes veyr much like a wrestling costume but with a mini skirt. I put my sweater back on over it..and .....I lost at least one size if not two from my waist!!!!! I bought the sucker.

I also bought a little something for my husband for valentines day...shh..can't say much more as he occasionally reads this blog.

oh...just remembered...just to give the wonderful people who supplied the shortbread recipes an update. My husband (I have told you he..well..we are nerds right??)...well one small discussion about making shortbread to match walkers and he has been off..I think we are now a week into his great shortbread perfecting caper. We are both hauling shortbread into work everyday. He has gone to a baking group on facebook and started a thread about shortbread. The weirdest part is that he is now farming out shortbread baking trials to other people!! some woman in Minnesota and another in flipping Germany. It is an oddity but he has managed to make one that is better that Walkers (and I am a pretty hard nut to crack on that one). I will share whichever recipe one he/we settle on.



Rachel said...

I had no idea that is how bras are measured. Do they make your clothes fit differently?

Thank you for your comments on my blog...they always encourage me.

Shannon said...

dont mind me but holy molly those are some big ta tas! if only i were so blessed :/

Alison said...

I didn't know that they measured your waist to get your bra size, am I stupid?

Justine said...

Alison, I think when Tina says 'waist' she means the strap of the bra where it goes round your back - or at least that's what I assume she means! In M&S they measure just under your boobs to get the size in inches and then around your boobs to work out the cup size; they definitely don't measure your waist.

Sandy Lee said...

I got my new bras last week and am doing a post by the end of the weekend. I love em, the girls are properly placed and supported. Who do thunk, bras can be so uplifting. And I didn't have a freak-out at the store like I thought.

Tina said...

yes Justine is correct..sadly I think where my bra band sits is the smallest part of my waist area :) if that is the case can I call it my waist? :)

wearing a new one as I type..the girls are at attention for the first time in months!!