Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sick Bounce?

So over the last 3 years I have gotten used to losing a bit of weight then having the scale bounce back up in a little weight gain phase. I never noticed however that this bounce thing seems to show up in other parts of my life (probably even more than I am noticing now!).

After saying I was on the mend yesterday today the flu did a bit of a bounce and I probably felt as crappy as I did on Sunday...minus the couch time. It started with a poor nights sleep. I had a night full of dreaming about sex, then Grace being kidnapped followed by kicking David out of the house...Go figure how any of that is reasonable or relative! The dreams were so vivid I had to get up at 3am and check on Grace out of worry. David said to me this morning that I spent all night snoring (apparently not in an annoying way but in a funny way-whatever that means). I wish he had poked me awake because I could have done without the latter two sequences..Ill keep the first one :)..

When I woke up I felt feverish and stuffy so I took some more liquid Aleve and sudafed but it really seemed to just make me feel grouchier. I pushed through my work day and into this evening. Oddly I was hungry all day and wide open band-wise and of course had no opportunity to lay around or take a nap. I did eat fairly nutritious things but a lot more than usual of them. Our office printer was broken and I had to walk across campus to use one in our second set of offices, I had to write several documents that took a lot of concentration (yeah didn't really have that)..and then organize a crap load of tedious data...bleck.

I taught my night class. It is always a joy to teach and went very well despite my feeling like crappola. It is never ceases to amaze me how I can feel such a strong sense of affinity/parent-like pride (not sure what word fits here) for a group of students. This special group shows wonderful promise as teachers. I hope that the potential I see in them now blossoms into a fine crop of elementary school teachers who are able to help children learn despite the very difficult teaching conditions they will work under in their careers (oh and that is just a whole soap box you don't want to hear about from me!) :)

anyhow..I am home now and have had to continue to work on one of the pesky documents from earlier. I finished what I could but will have to slog away on it more tomorrow.

BED...BED beautiful Bed.



tessierose said...

I hope you feel better soon. I have the most vivid dreams too!

Ronnie said...

I hope you feel better soon, too! :) (She stole my comment! lol) It's great that you're so involved with your students, too many of my professors don't seem like they care at ALL. :((

amandakiska said...

You better be well by next Saturday!

Lyla said...

I hope you feel better soon Tina.