Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day and Food

Snow Day:

Grace had a snow day today. David had a snow day today. Nichole had a Snow day today. Grant had a Snow day today. I had to go to work (well half of it anyway). I got to slow the morning down a little because my morning was minus the routine of getting Grace ready and I did not need to pick up Grant for the daycare drop off run but...I had to go.

It was a full day of those kind of meetings where you have great hopes that all things will be solved and then nothing much gets done and by the end of it you are highly frustrated...Thankfully my night class was canceled because of a looming chance of snow (yup we are like that here in the northwest. All we have to do is worry about snow and we start canceling stuff ;)). I drove home and took a nap.


I'm in a sort of a weird place with eating. My nutrition has been slipping. All through the Spring and Summer and even this Fall We had slotted into a routine of meal planning that insured that I was at a minimum getting a really decent dinner. Breakfast rotates back and forth between a coffee or tea and sometimes with food (if I am more open). Lunch is cheese and crackers if at home or soup or a protein plate from Starbucks if at work.

This Winter that has gradually slipped away. For breakfast I have begun to order a croissant with my morning coffee (would never have done that even before the band!). I have snacked between meals more at home and lunch might end up being cookies from that snacking or a bag of chips. On Tuesday's and Thursday's I have been known to eat out of the vending machine (recipe for disaster)or to pop over to the school cafeteria and eat something equally bad for me such as fish and chips (twice this week). When home we have not planned dinner and have just grabbed whatever out of the freezer (usually different for each of us) or something from the freezer for David and Grace and more cheese and crackers for me.

It has got to stop.

What I know:

I do not need a fill-most of the time.
I need to get my head back in the losing game...maintenance has me thinking off course.
I need to put an end to baker-boy (anyone have any magic dust to turn baker-boy into meat and veg. boy?)
I NEED to start exercising again.

What I don't know:

If I need a fill
Why maintenance is so hard
How to turn baker-boy into meat and veg boy again (I did show him this post-perhaps that will help).
What it is going to take to get me moving again.
When the hell this stupid Winter weather is going to end (mental picture of me with my fist in the air cursing at the skies).



Shannon said...

i miss snow days :( we only ever get them when we have the impending doom of 3 feet of snow. it sucks

Ronnie said...

I miss snow days. :( And I've been seriously slacking on my exercise, too. You're not alone!

amandakiska said...

I wish we lived closer so we could ride bikes together. We had a snow day yesterday and then today, with as much snow on the ground and twice as much ice, they didn't cancel. I'm glad the kids had school today though. I work either way.

Are you maintaining? If so, you're probably fine calorie-wise, but you'd feel better if you were eating healthier food. Maybe replace 50% of the snacks with fruits or veggies?